Remember my whirring hard drive from yesterday? Well, apparently said whirring hard drive was the initial sign of a nasty adware infection that my antivirus software just didn’t catch.


I could have attempted to fix it myself, but in the interest of Protecting Us From Ourselves, the university’s IT department has shut down all of our administrative privileges. It used to be that one person in each department was the IT guru for that office and had admin privileges, but a while back they took even that away. Because we could install something nasty if we had those powers. Of course, DUH, the nasty things know their way around those rules. It’s like a gun control argument.

Anyway, after two different IT people came up and futzed with it for a while and a combination of an IT admin, Norton, and Spybot still couldn’t get it all cleared up, they decided to go with an approach that one of my buddies used to refer to as the “NFO” – “Nuke From Orbit.” I backed up my stuff and they completely wiped my profile off of my computer and the network.

So after spending the morning dealing with that crap, I’ll be spending the afternoon restoring all of my crap from backups. One thing that was NOT backed up, unfortunately, was my feed reader bookmarks. It may take a while for me to get you all back on there, but be patient, I’ll be back poking my nose in your business in a week or less. If a week goes by and you haven’t heard from me on a recent post, it may be because I can’t find you again – drop me a comment with a link!

Edit:  Well, woo-whee!  It saved my feed reader bookmarks after all, I just had to update the settings after I re-downloaded the feeder itself.  So those of you who wanted to escape me are still screwed, mwuhahahahah!


2 Responses

  1. After cleaning up a couple of dastardly infections on our computers, this is why I make him look at stuff online from work instead of from home. 😀

    I love ya babe. You just have a gift for finding that crap (or it finding you)!

    Glad to hear it’s dead and you’re back in business. 🙂

    Two times in 12 years, and sheesh.

    Although I will confess that the last time, when I was looking for cheats for a video game for our son, I royally infected the ever-loving shit out of Dys’s laptop that she needed for work, so she has a right to prod me for it.

  2. It’s the porn…

    Hell, porn would have been more fun.

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