Ask Cake or Death – Well, ask away!

I actually got much less input on the whole Ask Cake or Death thing than I anticipated.  Maybe it’s a completely Rock Band dork thing that only Dys and I think is funny, who knows?

So, unless Dys talks me out of it later tonight, I think I’m going to say that Round 1 will be here on the blog, and if people enjoy it enough maybe we’ll take it to the radio show at a later date.

So, to recap, for those who didn’t read the earlier thread (link above if you’re curious):

Post your questions here in the comments, and Cake or Death will answer at some point next week.  “Cake or Death” being, of course, the (in)famous rock band comprised of yours truly and my lovely wife, Dyskinesia.  You can ask the band as a whole, or you can ask specific band members:

Stevie, the singer (played by Dys)
Jayne, the guitarist (Dys)
Mikael, the bass player (TB)
Animal, the drummer (TB)

Anything you’ve ever wanted to ask a rock star?  Ask whatever questions you’d like; serious, semi-serious, or completely looney-tuney, I don’t care!  Answers are probably going to be silly:smartassed:serious in a 50:35:15 ratio, regardless.

Go ahead, ask away!


3 Responses

  1. What am I death? I asked some question last week. Somewhere.

    Nope, I should have mentioned that I already had some questions lined up from you. Yours will be first in line. Hell, I thought of smartassed answers to a few of ’em as soon as I read ’em.

    As in:
    Animal says: “Yes, the rumors about me and A-Rod are true. I’ve been giving him batting lessons since spring training in 2001.”

  2. Hahahahahaha. My work is done here, I must go now and nap.

  3. Don’t pound me…

    My son and I tried Rock Band at Best Buy and we really didn’t get the whole thing. It seemed to be just hitting a button when the color comes up and staying on the beat.

    Maybe we are missing the whole thing…is there more to it?

    Nope, that’s basically it. I guess either it’s a blast or not for ya. The drums in particular are a blast, I think – the guitar is like Guitar Hero, no different, really. It *is* cool to challenge yourself to improve your dexterity and timing, and it’s also a blast when you’re nailing a song and the “audience” on the game starts singing along.

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