With a bang

I ended up buying fireworks for the 4th for the first time since…well, ever, as far as I can remember. My son is finally old enough to be interested, so I was all for it. We blew about $20 on a big pack of fountains and that was fine.

We ended up pooling our efforts, so to speak, with the neighbors across the street. Their three children (roughly the age of Dys and myself) and their families came over, and one daughter’s boyfriend brought a similar pack. So he set his off on his side of the street, and I set off mine on our side, trying to time it so we always had something going.

My son was the oldest kid there, and after having been a good sport by taking a licking with lightsabers from the younger kids, I decided to emphasize his “big kid” status by calling him over to help me with the fireworks. This was a pretty big deal for him, as not terribly long ago the very idea of bright lights and loud noises would have him ducking for cover. He still wanted me to help him (by holding my hand over his) for much of the time as we lit the fuses with glowing punk sticks, and once or twice he almost dropped the punk by backing away so fast, but I think that kind of respect is a LOT healthier than the opposite.

By the end of the night he lit a few of them completely by himself. Awesome.


4 Responses

  1. “You’ll shoot your eye out…”

    No, no, no, that’s the BB gun line. The fireworks line is “You’ll blow your hand off.”

  2. That is awesome! My girlfriends son (2) was so into the fireworks this year (her husband usually blows about $280) that it took both of us to restrain him from going to where his father was and possibly getting hurt.

    Yep, there were a couple of 2-3 year old twins that were being held back at the neighbor’s house. OOH, PRETTY!!

    I also made it a point to explain to my son that I burned the ever-lovin’ shit out of myself by touching a glowing sparkler when I was 5 or 6. He definitely treated them with respect after that.

  3. That’s very cool about your son.

    We were very excited that so many people in our neighborhood opted to buy some pretty nice fireworks. Free entertainment is good.

    I found a tissue parachute when I was walking the dog that night. I hope some kid ended up finding his parachute 🙂

    A guy and a boy about my son’s age came walking down the street at one point during the night asking if we’d seen one of those parachutes. Unfortunately we hadn’t. It’s probably hanging in one of the trees on our street right now.

  4. […] memories of getting sick after a rainy parade with Dys’s mom a few years ago), so probably no fireworks for us this […]

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