I posted a mosaic meme from Laura, and it looked fine to me – only to find out about six hours later when Dys tried to view it that it was giving a big “Don’t hotlink to photos on our site” message.  D’oh!  So I threw that one into the future.  I’ll fix the mosaic again and save it to my Flickr account before I repost. 

Oh well.


2 Responses

  1. Rats. I would have liked to have seen that! It did the same thing to me too but by some fluke I was able to recover it and save it to my photobucket.

    I’ll pull’er back together in the next couple of days, as soon as I get some time and/or break out of the laziness that I suffered from yesterday.

  2. […] July 8, 2008 Piece me together… Posted by Taoist Biker under Life and other states of existence, TB – The Guy (About the Author)   This would be the mosaic that I screwed up last week. […]

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