Ask Cake Or Death!

It’s very dangerous when I have ideas. But sometimes they can be fun.

Here’s the idea I had, based partially upon a comment that boundandgags left on my radio-show wrap-up blog:

We’re going to make the band members of Cake or Death available for interview!

Oh, yes.

After this little bit of a brainstorm, I talked it over with Dyskinesia last night, and she’s entirely on board. So you, the readers, get to choose two band members to interview:

Stevie, the singer or Jayne, the guitarist?

Stevie, lead singer of Cake or Death

Jayne, guitarist for Cake or Death

Mikael, the bass player or Animal, the drummer?

Animal, drummer of Cake or Death

But there are other choices to make, ye readers.

First, we can do the interview on my next radio show, which we’re possibly able to do on the evening of Wednesday, July 16 or Thursday, July 17. However, if we’re going to do that, we’d need a third party volunteer willing to call into the show and play “the interviewer.” If we don’t do it on the radio show, we can have an email “interview” in which the questions and answers are posted either on my blog or Dyskinesia’s. Of course, it’s also a possibility to do both – say, do a text “interview” first and see how it flies, and if there’s enough interest to do it as a radio show later. Or have a few questions answered in text and others on the show. Or any number of other combinations thereof.

Second, we could either know the questions ahead of time, or not. If there’s a third-party radio interviewer, and that person is willing, we could have the interview questions emailed to that interviewer and the band members wouldn’t know about them ahead of time. Even if there’s not a radio interviewer, we could have a third-party volunteer agree to hold the questions for us until a certain time at which they’d be sent all at once and we’d have, say, a day or so to answer them and post up.


Who’ll it be? Stevie or Jayne? Mikael or Animal?

Radio or text? Planned or surprise questions?

Weigh in, and start thinking up those interview questions!


7 Responses

  1. Cake, please.

    So easy…

  2. Come on! Every once in a while I’ve got to get an easy at bat. Did you see what got started over there when I put up a little joke? It lead to more work!

    I’m going to start thinking of questions for this. I’m going to enjoy this. Any deadline?

    No deadline for the questions as of yet – I’m thinking sometime the week after this coming? The only thing I want to figure out in the next 3-5 days is whether there’s interest in it as a radio thing.

  3. Sometimes I go through life feeling more confusion than I do clarity. That is not a good thing. Is this the band that you played one of their songs on your show?

    If not, my question (planned and via text) would be, “Who are you?” That probably would not be very flattering. Then I would have a sentence apologizing and explaining the whole I’m-really-into-country thing.

    No, this is the band that Dyskinesia and I play on the Rock Band video game. So you’d be asking questions of Dys and I pretending to be rock stars. What could possibly go wrong? 😀

  4. Chris Zell, from Truth Magazine (motto: a magazine full of lies?), is it true that on your next tour you’ll only cover Dread Zeppelin? But instead of doing Led Zeppelin songs in a reggae style you’ll doing Dread Zeppelin songs in a klezmer style?

    Is it true that you’ve taken your on stage glory to hotel rooms trash rooms like the masters?

    This question is for Dys, are the rumors about you and A-Rod true?

    This question is for TB, are the rumors about you and A-Rod true?

    Who will play you in the biopic of the band?

    Dys, the crowd responds to your charisma more than the other members, does that cause strife on the bus?

    Is it true that you’re suing the creators of South Park because their episode where Stan and Kyle’s band imploded was too close to your bands history?

  5. Love the label “SQUID” – fits the bonehead perfectly. I still can’t believe he didn’t wipe out. His back wheel was wobbling all over the place. It was honestly scary to watch.


    Hallie’s referring to a comment I made on her blog here, in response to a dipshit doing a stand-up wheelie in traffic on a public highway. Jackass.

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