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Feeding a Monster

I admit, I’ve been thinking about getting tattooed again for…well, about two years, since my last session on my last tattoo.  But several factors have me thinking about it again right about now.  To some degree I blame Sarah, for things like this, this, and this.

I hate it when I get a jones on for expensive things that I can’t afford right now.


12 Responses

  1. I’m sorry. I’m really, really, really sorry. I happend to get lucky with these. It was my birthday, and then my mom wanted me to be rid of the crap that was on my leg before. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been feeling the need for years too. I’m sure it won’t help you to hear now that I’m so addicted I’m seriously trying to find a way to feed the habit now.

    Nah, I don’t begrudge others the shit that I can’t afford for myself.

    Usually. Unless you have more than one Ducati, in which case you can kiss my ass.

  2. Yeah, I hate it when get a jones for expensive things too. The current object of my desire: Macbook Pro. I want one so badly that I tried to install OS X on my computer. That went horribly awry.

    Uh, that sounds sucky to me. I’m not a complete computer moron, but when it comes to OS stuff, I try to deal with it as little as possible!

  3. Yikes that’s a lot of work! Niiiice. I know what you mean about feeding the monster, ink is addictive! I’m working on a pice that I’ll (hopefully) be able to get in a few weeks.

    Well, I don’t want all of those things (and damn sure none of them are mine), they’re just examples of the kinds of things I’d like done. And we all know that Chris Garver is the fucking man, but thinking I’d actually fly out to LA or Miami and get tattooed by him is beyond Pipedreamland.

    I will say that my artist has cleaned up lately at the conventions. He wins a shitload of awards, and he tried to convince me to go to the national convention to enter my tattoo. I was sorely tempted but decided to take a trip to the beach with Dys instead. Smart move in the end, I think.

  4. It’s kind of addictive, isn’t it? Calvin and I each have three, and we keep saying, “One more… but what? And where?”

    I’ve just got the one big one right now. And I want more big ones. 😉

    I can’t go too nuts, though – Dys has none and wants one, so I can’t be getting inked all over the place before she gets hers done. Just as soon as she can figure out what and where… 😀

  5. Let’s just say you did get a chance to go wild, you could always change your mind:


    OOoooookey dokey. Let’s hear it for Wake Forest, ladies and gentlemen! I’m pretty sure that’s what they were after when they started applying for research grants for skin regeneration. Fuck those pediatric burn victims, let’s enable rich dipshits to get all new tattoos!


    Anyways…I’m not all that concerned. That’s part of the reason I waited until after I was 30 to get tattooed. I’m perfectly happy with what I have and what I want in the immediate future (I’ve had the next tattoo design in my head for about 2 years now), and I don’t think I have to worry too much about changing my mind.

  6. Try this…it is a threat about infected tattoos…maybe it’ll help put out the fire.


    Boy, that thread was a pain to read. Too full of semi-literates. I’m really not concerned about getting an infection from my artist – they run a very clean and professional shop.

  7. I love the work that guy does!

    I am getting pressure from my hubby and my son to get a tat. Last night I told Mr. J that he could have fun writing on my butt cheeks with a Sharpie this weekend.. But, I am doubtful that I will ever get a real tat.

    I don’t think anyone should get one for any reason other than really, really wanting one. Doing something that permanent because of pressure from anyone else just seems like a bad idea.

  8. I love them on OTHER people. My son has a couple that are pretty cool. I am just a whimp about needles.

    I’m not a big fan of hypodermic needles, but tattoo machines are a different thing to me. They aren’t punching THROUGH the skin so much as INTO it.

    Seriously, I was all psyched up to sit through this horribly painful process like a man only to find out that (in my opinion at least) it wasn’t that bad at all. It feels like being scratched kinda hard when you’re actually getting tattooed. Unless he’s going over the bone or something, because I swear I could feel the vibrations from my shinbone in my teeth. Still not horribly painful, just a little painful or uncomfortable and downright freaky.

    After it’s done, it feels a little like a burn for a day or two, then it itches like a bastard for a few days, then it’s all over. I think it’s much less sucky than, say, being stung on the inner thighs by a jellyfish. (Which, for the record, I don’t recommend.)

  9. Thanks for explaining. Now I know for certain that I do not want one. hahaha

    Now wait a damned minute here. Didn’t you give birth?!? 😉

  10. Maybe you could do a Fruit Stripes tattoo from the gum package instead. Though if it lasts like the flavor in the gum does, you won’t be satisfied.

    I’ve got a boatload of temporary tattoos around my house already, but most of them feature Lightning McQueen and Mater.

  11. See, I can handle a needle. What I can’t handle is when I am 70 and looking at a shriveled picture of whatever on my skin. That’s the only thing that’s stopping me from ever getting one–knowing it’ll look like shit when I am old and my skin is wrinkly (even with the excessive sunscreen use). Oh, that and wondering if I’ll still like the same picture when I am 70 as I do now.

    Understandable, certainly. I like to think that the risks are a little less because I’m getting tattoos that are usually covered from the sun by my everyday clothing, and that I got them later in life than most of the 70-year-old tattooed guys you see around. But mostly I think I’ll be able to look back on these tattoos 40 years from now and remember what they meant to me at important times in my life. I think that even if it doesn’t look pristine, that part can still be positive.

  12. If you get one we’re gonna need pictures 😉 … and I know what you mean about wanting expensive stuff at the wrong time…right now I feel like getting an iPod Touch for no good reason, because my current one works fine, but…just not new enough 😉

    I’ve got a 2GB Creative that’s about three years old. It’s a bit battered, but it works fine. It cost my in-laws about $250 when they gave it to me for Christmas.

    I saw a 2GB mp3 player in a K-mart ad yesterday for $30.


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