As I alluded to in my Monday Music post, things are a bit nutty in La Casa de TB today.  There were some predictable year-end things, but a few other things were thrown on top of those early this morning and that has thrown my day, and possibly my next several days, into a complete tizzy.  I know I’ve got comments to reply to and blogs to catch up on since late last week, and I’ll get to those when I can.  I particularly wanted to say that I’ve read all of your comments about the show last week and wanted to let you all know that they were all very much appreciated.

More annoyingly, I’ve got the mental beginnings of a blog of some significance that was probably going to take a few days to mentally sift through and construct – and now even that’s got to be pushed aside for a while.  Bummer.  And that’s not counting the funny observances and coincidences since last Thursday that I’ve wanted to blog but not had the time.

Anyway, sorry for the semi-enforced silence, and hopefully I’ll make it worth your while in a day or three.


2 Responses

  1. Take your time – the blog world will wait for your return!


    Looks like I’m caught up on my feed reader and my comments, so with a little luck I can get back into the swing tomorrow afternoon.

  2. Don’t you hate it when craziness in life gets in the way of a significant blog?

    Damn skippy.

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