I Survived The Radio Waves

heesh.  I now know better than to reply to someone’s comment with a “I’m about to start a blog about that.”  Murphy’s Law and all.

Well, the radio show went off without too much of a hitch last night.  Anybody who wants to go back and listen to it now can click over to my radio profile page.  It’ll start to auto-play over there on the right-hand side under my picture, so if you’re in the vicinity of bossly-type people, keep the volume knob handy.

What went wrong?  My intro music didn’t automatically play like I thought it was supposed to.  Not much of a problem really, but it did result in about 10 seconds of dead air at the beginning of the show as I waited to see if it was going to start before saying anything.  Next time I’ll know to hit the “play” button manually.

Also, during the test run we did on Wednesday I had Dys call in on her cell phone.  I noticed when I went back to listen to the test recording that both the music and her voice through the cell were both louder than my own.  I thought maybe I could adjust that with my phone headset, but apparently it didn’t work out too well.  Next time, assuming there is a next time, I may try it on my cell phone with a headset and see how that goes.

And I had no callers, since obviously my readers/listeners tend to be either shy or sleepy, as the comments have shown.

What went right?  Well, I had 7 people listening live during the show, and so far 13 have listened to the recording.  Surely there’s some overlap, but that still beat my previous record for listeners.  Hmm, maybe that’s a bad thing to admit…

Also, I managed to find enough to talk about to fill about 25 minutes, and with one song thrown into the middle I think I clicked off at about 11:29 and 53 seconds or so without too much dead air or me saying “uhh, hmm, how ’bout them Dodgers?”  And finally, according to the handful of you who’ve commented, I didn’t make a complete ass of myself.  Always nice to know.

Will there be another one?  For now I’d have to say “yes – sometime.  I just don’t know exactly when yet.”

In the interests of a possible/probable next time, those of you who’ve heard the segment – any comments?  Suggestions?  Praise or criticism?  What would make it more fun for the listeners?  More music, less talk?  Shorter stories if I DO talk?  Anything else?  I’m all ears.

Ultimately, though, I thought overall it went just fine.  No small children were injured and, so far, I haven’t received any nasty letters from the FCC or the RIAA.  That’s a good thing.


13 Responses

  1. Hey! I’m sorry that I didn’t hear it while it was on, but you made my afternoon at work a lot more interesting. You did a really great job. I enjoyed hearing the word dearth on air, and I enjoyed all of your stories…especially about the origin of the eating your hat phrase.

    I can tell that you have an accent, but it really doesn’t stand out to me because of my geographical location.

    Oh, and I laughed when you mentioned doing math on your fingers. I don’t know if you were joking about that, but I totally do that and I’m very embarrassed when I get caught…especially when the catcher makes some joke about taking my shoes off to use my toes too.

    Anyway, what I mean to say is, Well done!!!

    I mentioned doing math on my fingers? Hell, I’ve already forgotten.

    But yes, the “I’ll eat that hat” is a favorite around the household. If you could have seen the hat, it was even funnier. it was a big ol’ beachcomber hat like this one.

  2. I’m not proud of the fact that I couldn’t stay up to listen while you were actually doing this, but I’m listening to it right now and enjoying it very much.

    Don’t feel bad – 11 is past my bedtime too!

  3. I’m looking forward to giving this a spin. I got back too late from the shoot (18 hour work days suck), opened a beer and watched Carlin on HBO.

    but I’ll be giving it a go as soon as I can. I’m actually looking forward to it.

    Sounds like you had fun.

    Yup, I did. Enough to say I’ll try it again sometime.

  4. I think you were really getting ona roll after the song. You sounded like you were just having a conversation with someone.

    It sounds like your two main interests, outside of your family, are motorcycles and music unless I totally missed something. You might interest some callers if we knew a bit about what you were going to talk about prior to it starting. I am nt saying to preapre everything in advance, but maybe have a general topic.

    “Being drunk at Concerts”

    “Odd places you have been stuck on the road without gas/in the rain/broken down bike.”

    Then you get something going with a listener with a general theme.

    Something is always funnier when heard instead of read. I am sure you have told the hair story enough that it is funnier than when we read it. We deserve to hear it from your mouth and not just read it on the page.

    Just an idea!

    I think you’ve got a few good ideas here. And I’ll definitely tell the hair story on the air sometime.

  5. I used to be a DJ on my college radio station. Yeah, banter is impossibly hard to come up with some days.

    I need a partner, this one-dude banter just doesn’t work so well for me!

  6. I imagined your voice would be deeper. And I can totally hear the accent. 😉

    So on top of the drawl, I have a squeaky voice? Good thing I’m so handsome. Oh, wait… Damn it. 😀

  7. Impressive!

    Btw Your voice is hauntlingly similar to a guy I used to date years and years ago.

    Tell me what you were wearing on the date and I’ll tell you if it was me.

    Who am I kidding; everybody here knows by now that I can count all my dates on one hand!

  8. “I haven’t bitten anybody in weeks.”

    That’s always important in your radio personality. You wouldn’t believe how many of them bite.

    Even if you blogged about the egg beater in the hair (or any other blogged bit) the broadcast is a different medium so I don’t see why you couldn’t do it. If someone checks it out from the radio blog it’d be new to them. Besides, the telling of it adds a totally different dimension.

    I can’t believe you propped a guy on stage! That’s insane! Brilliant.

    A friendly, comforting, sort of late night DJ, feel. Just kicking back and talking to friends.

    I hate that radio has take the regional accents out of it. Whatever happened to regional hits? Regional feel? Your experience isn’t abnormal but it sucks. The good thing is radio like this can bring it back. Put local back into radio.

    Because scripted is unnatural for you notes are a good idea. One thing is to over plan. If you’re planning a 30 minute have bits/songs you think will double that time. Although songs will always time in correctly, sometimes it happens that you think a bits five minute but only lasts two. The good thing is nothing’s wasted because you’ll just use it next time. Don’t expect callers, that’s a bonus, so count on your notes

    I did a show and had a ‘relationship expert’ (an actor) on. I’d screen the call, get the question, write the bit, and go with it. One guy wouldn’t give me the question so he didn’t get on the air. He wanted to talk to her badly (she had a very sexy voice) so called again with a question. I had a feeling where he was going so I put him on hold. I let everyone know what was happening so got a plan together. I went back and told him he was next so turn off anything that would feedback. We played a song, took the call off air and, holy shit! He went apeshit. I truly think some of the things he wanted to do you actually can’t pull off with another human being. We’re all sitting in the control room dying. He got his rocks off, we kept him off the air and a good time was had by all.

    Do a Rock Band episode!
    Reoccurring segments (bike news, a review of something).
    Theme shows.

    You have many interests so there are so many things to choose from.

    Thanks, TB, I enjoyed myself.

    Hey, some serious input! Thanks for all the thought you put into this. Here’s my thoughts-in-reply:

    Yep, that’s two votes for the egg beater story, so I’ll definitely do that one sometime.

    I didn’t prop the guy onstage…he ASKED for it. And I think he bugged the band so much that they were good-naturedly paying him back for it. What I can’t believe is that he actually remembered the words and did a decent job singing. Even if he had to sit in the chair. I think if he’d stood up, he was a goner.

    Yeah, the just-talking-with-pals is the tone I’m looking for. And I agree that the regional flair is lacking nowadays. Although I’ll point this one out that my uncle with all his bluegrass connections has clued me into: WMMT, the radio station run by Appalshop, an Appalachian community arts center just over the Kentucky line from Virginia. They play all kinds of music, but mostly bluegrass/old country/gospel stuff. And with some genuine local flavor, man.

    Notes are a good idea. And as morethananelectrician said, maybe throwing out a few topics beforehand would get people interested. “Hey, I can tell a story about that!”

    Dude, your “relationship expert” story sounds AWESOME. Now I wanna hear what the caller wanted to ask!!

    I could probably do any recurring theme except motorcycle racing news…and that’s because if I get started on that, I could turn a 5-minute segment into a 30-minute rant without noticing that my listeners were all falling asleep, heheh.

    Anyway, thanks again for all the pointers, that’s good stuff there!

  9. The caller turned it into a personal (and free) sex line call. We fed her lines and she really played it up until the call went dead.

    I’ve always wondered why that happened?

    The amorous activity got so athletic that he ripped the phone out of the wall?

  10. As good a guess as any.

  11. To prove to a pretentious art student he could submit anything, no matter how stupid, and they’d give it a serious look I shot a video of her spinning the wheel, then cut to her lips saying the color and body part, then to the Twister sheet.

    That played for 30 minutes in a art class people were paying for. And they discussed it. He became a tad less pretentious after that.

    She’d only do it if I promised it was only for that class, never copied, and she got it back.

    Okay, now THAT’s funny.

  12. I had a bunch of actors who, I swear, I could get to do anything. I’m not good at knowing where the tapes are, ever wanting to look at them again, or even thinking about it, but, I do remember doing things and saying, “I can’t believe they’re doing this.”

    A while ago a guy called me because he needed a street bit. We talked for a minute and I told him to get a political sign and go out in public to shake hands with people. He didn’t think much of that until I told him what he’d be wearing.

    A t-shirt that said, ‘Recently Masturbated.’

    I’ve always said I’m not the sick one because there’s no way in hell anyone would get me to do that.

  13. […] the postmortem blog post, in which I talk about what I felt went right and what went […]

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