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That can’t be right.

So, as we occasionally do, Dys and I were watching “8 Simple Rules” on ABC Family last night as we ate our Chinese.  (Because we haven’t yet figured out how to eat and play Rock Band at the same time, and we just watched 3 or 4 episodes of “Scrubs” the day before.)

We saw a commercial for a new ABC Family series:  The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

I know, you thought the same thing I did…”Oh yeah, I remember that show, back when it was called ‘My So-Called Life.'”

But if you go to the link above, you’ll notice something that’s also noticeable in the trailer (that you can also watch there)…

Molly Fuckin’ Ringwald plays the lead character’s mother.

Nuh-uh.  Molly Ringwald can’t be playing the mother of a teenager.  She’s not that much older than me.  She should still be attending rock concerts!  She needs to still be fretting about her parents ignoring her 16th birthday…not celebrating her daughter’s!  ‘Cuz if she is, then, uh, damn.  I must be gettin’ old.

Oh, and John Schneider (yes, THAT John Schneider) has only one line in the trailer, but it kills me.


8 Responses

  1. No. WAY.

    Yes, way, Ted.

  2. OUCH!!!! DAMN, that hurts! I am so not that old!!!!! Shit… I am that old… NOOOOOO!!!!!

    Pull up a chair, the support group meeting starts in 5 minutes. Drinks are on me.

  3. He. Schneider. Now that’s a great (and painfully close) line.

    Ain’t it? I love how he sees where it’s going and hits the ‘Abort’ button on the sentence, heheh.

  4. I am still in denial that Ricky Schroder is now an adult.

    And if you listen to the commentary on the Scrubs DVDs, he HATES being called “Ricky.”

  5. Every single time I see that commercial, I just think of her giving Judd Nelson her big ol diamond earring at the end of The Breakfast Club. She should not be playing a mom…

    As Dys said, “Come ON! Her panties were worth $2 a peek! She’s not a mom of a teenager!”

  6. it’s like tiffany playing the mom in that cell phone commercial with meatloaf in it.

    Uh, say WHAT?!?

  7. Yes way. I saw it too. Think of it this way…she played a pregnant teenager in an 80’s movie called For Keeps…so you can pretend like she just started having children early (and that’s how she somehow ended up the parent of a teenager) and that you’re not really old.

    Hmm. Okay, that does help. Thanks!

  8. Did you take note that a revamped version of 90210 will hit the CW in the fall? Jennie Garth (Kelly) and Tori Spelling (Donna) will play the adult characters! The parental figures were always the most boring people in the original who popped in to share some moral lesson. I don’t know what this freaks me out but it does. I highly doubt I’ll watch the new 90210.

    Yeah, that’s downright creepy. But I have no real pull to watch. I defied the 90’s by not watching it in the first place. Never seen a single episode. (And the only episode of “Friends” I ever saw was the one that aired right after the Cowboys-Steelers Super Bowl…because I was at someone else’s house.)

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