Cheesy Rock Ballads Quiz!

Help me, I can’t stop postinnnnngggg!

It’s not that serious, I just can’t NOT share this one with you guys.  Mental Floss has posted a fun quiz that plays snippets of those cheesy rock ballads that we all love, secretly or not, and asks you to identify them.

Here’s the link to the quiz.

I got 10/10, of course, but it was still fun.  I tried to make it a game of seeing how fast I could name that tune.  I think I finished all 10 in well under the two-minute mark.  But I think that says a LOT more about how well I know all those cheeseball songs than it does about my l33t Jeopardy skillz.

There ya go, have fun!


6 Responses

  1. My girlfriend won tickets to Irom Maiden tonight and is taking the daughter. Your 80’s Rock update from here.

    Damn, that’s both cool that she won and a bummer that you’re not going!

  2. Holy crap. My kid would freak out at the chance to see Iron Maiden. Of course, he’d also hate the noise and want to hear 3 songs and leave. 😉 But that’s beside the point…

    10/10, of course. If I heard 3 full seconds of any of them, I’ll eat my hat.

    You have been rather demanding of your readers for a Friday! 😉

    Well, they were all short, at least.

  3. The good thing is he didn’t use many long words. That helped.

    Well, that too.

  4. I suck at cheesy rock ballads but totally aced the Guns N Roses quiz.

    That might be a little bit sad for me.

    Uh, no, I’d say that makes you more studly than me.

  5. That was fun! 10/10, and I noticed how they tried to getcha with the similar sounding Foreigner and Journey songs.

    Like Dys said, you should have gotten bonus points for how little time you needed to answer.

  6. I got 9/10. Picked the wrong singer for Lady in Red.


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