Quick Hits

Yep, it’s that time again – time when I have a lot of little things to talk about, but nothing of real significance to say…


Well, I don’t have anything significant to say, but I’d like to take the opportunity to point you toward people that have said something that I think is significant.

First would be Laura, who as the epilogue to her beautiful blog series that she calls “Our Story” gives what I think is a very honest account of what she’s learned about relationships. Quite well done.


Second would be my lovely wife, who took Laura’s theme of “for the kids” and narrated at length from her own experience. Her story is a part of my story, of course, and so her post carries a lot of meaning for me that is difficult to adequately explain without a couple of LONG nights over some stiff drinks. Suffice it to say that I once described her parents as sometimes resembling a sort of strange binary black hole…spinning around each other but unable (or maybe just unwilling) to extricate themselves from each other as they continue to pull and pull and pull at each other, completely oblivious as nearby persons get pulled in and torn apart. For two people that can be wonderful individuals, it’s truly sad. And that’s not even counting the toll it has taken on my marriage, my son, and especially Dys herself.


Taking note of Hallie’s comment (almost sounds like Halley’s Comet, woohoo for the 80s!) I went ahead and uploaded a handful of songs so I can play ’em on the air on the radio show just in case I run out of things to say, have to refill my drink, take a desperate trip to the bathroom, etc. There’s the option of setting something to be my intro music, which I always wanted to try…but as of this moment, all I have are full songs. So I’ve gotta figure out if I want to abruptly stop the music, if I can talk over it, or if there’s some way to fade it out. (I think there may be, but it’ll take some experimenting.)

Of course, the one song I was leaning toward having as my intro music is on an album that I don’t have easy access to right now. Damn it. Maybe tonight.


As Dys pointed out to me last night, the little guy obviously knows he’s leaving us for a week. He’s really excited to spend the time at my parents’, but he’s been a bit more clingy with us than usual for the past few days. Which is all well and good for me; I’m not the one at home with him all day. Dys is ready for his vacation. So am I, but she’s really ready. I might actually be making her some daquiris come Saturday night.


Damn, my hands REEK of chlorine from today’s swim. It makes having an itchy nose even more unpleasant.


Speaking of which, the sheepdog has been gradually disappearing. I’ve been quite pleased recently with my ability to do more than one lap back to back without thinking I’m going to hyperventilate. Hell, I can even climb the 4 flights of stairs to my office without breathing too heavily. Woohoo! Now if only my belt would show signs of loosening… damn Nutty Bars.


D’ya ever try something that you haven’t in a long time…and discover that something you once owned you now completely suck at? One of my Father’s Day presents (a little bit belated) was the game I’ve been coveting for months, MotoGP 07. I’ve put in hours and hours and hours on MotoGP2 and MotoGP3: URT for the Xbox, so of course I was itching to get my hands on the new generation version. Well, it’s not just the adjustment to the new game, and not just that I’m rusty. I flat-out suck now. You know what THAT means…yep. Hours and hours of practice, comin’ up!

(And I mean, to stick me with the choice of the Ilmor or the KR right off the bat? How rude. “Hey, welcome to racing, there’s no 125 or 250 cc warm-up for your career, we’re just going to stick you right out there with the heavy hitters on the biggest POS bikes we can. Oh, you want the Ducati? [suppressed laughter] Win 40 or 50 races on the shit bikes first, kid.”)


I didn’t get to play Rock Band at all yesterday. *whine* I wants me some drums! Even though I AM getting to the point on my Medium Solo Tour that I’m already thankful for eking out that fourth star. Hell, pretty soon I’ll have to start acting like a real musician and actually, I dunno, practice a song before I try to perform it?


It is entirely creepy how hot I find Dys’s avatar with her low-cut slashed-up jeans and her crop top.


Where was this invention when I was sneaking booze into football games as an undergrad? (Okay, and maybe a bit more recently.)

A guy invented that one. Most definitely.

One day closer to the weekend!


4 Responses

  1. Your binary black hole analogy has always been the very best description of them that I could ever contemplate.

    I cannot BE-LIEVE that you had no comment on The Wine Rack!

    I fall in the “Not Recommended” sizes, honey. ROFLMAO. Dear God…

    Re: The black hole: yes, and that’s sad.

    As for The Wine Rack, I don’t think it’s as good a concept, but it IS amusing. And yes, I noticed that you definitely fall within the “Not Recommended” size. Because, hey, if you’re already a C or bigger and going up two cup sizes, it’s not like you’ll be able to drink from your boob-flask unobserved…because there will ALWAYS be some dude going “holy cow, check out THAT chick!!!”

  2. Ok that beer belly thing is actually a really good idea. Like, really good, provided that someone isn’t wearing it on top of their own beer belly.

    Beats the hell out of what I used to do, which is to put bourbon in a ziplock bag, put that in another ziplock bag, and stick ’em in my socks.

    My girlfriend did do the belly thing once and said if anybody asked that she would claim to be 3 months pregnant.

    Is that kinda twisted? I dunno, it seemed perfectly natural to me in my senior year in college.

  3. Hey, man, thanks for the pimp!

    At some point Calvin and I are going to have to come out your way and buy a round of those stiff drinks you mentioned…

    Thank me? No way, thank you. You’re the one that put yourself out there in that series, and I think it’s fantastic. I’m just spreading the word.

    As for the drinks…make it in the summer…or in wintertime, we’ll come out YOUR way. (Well, unless you move to Maine, in which case scratch that.)

    And, for the sake of everybody’s good will, hide the keys to Calvin’s motorcycle beforehand. It’s best just to remove the temptation to theft and all.

  4. Mmmmm to the smell of chlorine.

    At least I know not to buy Matt some expensive cologne. Eau de Pool Water?

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