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Radio Show Confirmation

It’s official!  I’m going on the air a week from tonight, Wednesday, June 25, at 11:00 PM Eastern time.

I’m a little bummed that it appears my favorite 10:00 PM time slot was taken, but of all of my readers that I have some inkling of a location for, the vast majority are in every time zone but Eastern anyway, so it should be a wash for you guys.  The only potential downside is me falling asleep at the switch, so I guess I’ll skip my swimming that day and amp up on some Coke in the evening.

Here’s how it works:

Come next Wednesday night at 11 sharp, if you click on this button:

Listen to The Taoist Biker on internet talk radio

or otherwise get yourself over to my BTR profile page at the easy-to-remember link http://www.blogtalkradio.com/TaoistBiker, you’ll find a “Listen live!” button.  Click on that, and Windows Media Player will launch a live audio stream of the show.  As a bonus, after the show is over the audio clip will be archived on my profile page, so those of you who missed out can listen in later.  Hopefully that won’t scare anybody away from calling in.

Speaking of which, if you want to call in (and I encourage you to do so – it makes me feel less dorky than talking out loud to nobody), the call in number is (646) 915-8720.  On the bright side, you can call in even if you’re not near a computer.  I had a buddy call me once from an empty stage as he got ready for a performance…that was pretty cool. If you call in, I won’t be all game-show-host and try to interview you.  It’ll (hopefully) just be like we were sitting down in my living room or in some local bar to BS.

So, I’ve got the day, I’ve got the time, what I don’t have is a clue as to what to talk about.

I scripted the first show or two I ever did, and according to Dys, I sounded a little too stilted, so I quit doing anything more than writing down just a couple of one-line ideas and she liked those shows much better.  And after all these years, I trust her interpretation of my mannerisms better than my own.  So I’m probably not going to have anything much planned going in, it’ll just be the same sort of blather I blog about.

So…  Anything you’re dying to hear?   Or, alternatively, anything you’d love to hear me pronounce in my accent?


8 Responses

  1. I hope I can catch it. I’ve got a shoot that night but I’ll try.

    > Or, alternatively, anything you’d love
    > to hear me pronounce in my accent?

    Damn. I might have to sound that one out one syl…syl-la…syl-la-ble at a time!

  2. You have an accent? That’s dead sexy.

    Do you have g-mail or another kind of chat sort of program, that you could take questions with in real-time? In case something you say triggers a question or topic?

    So… Wednesday the 25th at 11 EST is a very reasonable 8:00 my time!

    I will ponder on some topics and send them to you prior. Fun stuff!

    I don’t have an accent. Everybody else on the planet has an accent. 😉

    Seriously, yes, most would still say I have a Southern accent, although to me it’s been bastardized by the four years I spent in the Midwest. Before I went to college I had a SERIOUS accent, courtesy of the ol’ Virginia backwoods. By the time I got out of undergrad, it was mitigated a bit – enough that Dys found it uber-sexy the first time we spoke on the phone, and a girl I met at my best friend’s school said she could listen to me talk all day…and in fact, she wanted to follow me around with a tape recorder. (And I since I had a girlfriend AND was ridiculously naive, I didn’t even think that she was hitting on me.)

    Me, I hate to hear myself on recordings because I sometimes think I sound like a hoarse Elvis impersonator. You can be the judge, I guess.

    And yes, I can do Gtalk through my Gmail account, which is taobikerblog at gmail dot com. For those too chickenshit to actually call in. 😉

  3. This is so exciting! I’m usually at the computer at this time, I’ll have to check it out 🙂


  4. That is great…count me in on the caffeine party.

    Rock on!

  5. Yeah, now he only breaks into the serious accent when he’s on the phone with his parents, and then, because he’s using the “parents” inflection with it, it makes me giggle. Well, to be fair, it’s more when he says, “Well DERN!” that makes me fall on the floor laughing. 😉

    The accent has definitely mellowed. Maybe we’ll have to spend the hours leading up to the show practicing our full-on Southern to work it up a bit for theatre!

    If I do, you’ll have the harder time shedding it later. *evil grin*

  6. That sounds so cool! If it would not cause any hard feeling with Mr. J I would be trying to get through. Just so I could sound like a dork on live radio. 😀
    Maybe Dys can call in an heckle you (in a polite-slightly crazed way) for me.

    I’m trying to get her to do something of the sort. We’ll see.

    Even if you can’t call in, you can listen in and laugh…and mock me in my comments on the following day.

  7. I feel so important – I mentioned music and poof!! You’ll have music!!

    Maybe I’m more powerful than EVEN I thought!!

    Hallie 🙂

    With great power comes great responsibility…

  8. Sweet dude! Congrats!

    Aw yeah. I’m bad, I’m nationwide. \m/ 😀

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