Announcement: Party time!

I’m having a little party, and you’re all invited!

Well, sort of.

Okay people, after a ton of flirting around with the idea and a whole lot of “well, maybe some other time” I have finally decided that YES, I am GOING to do another segment of my radio show.

Listen to The Taoist Biker on internet talk radio

It will be done next week, while the little dude is busy camping with his Granny and Granddaddy, mwuhahahah!

I have a couple of nights free right now, so it’ll be either Tuesday or Wednesday night at 10pm Eastern time. The nights are a bit negotiable, but the time is more or less set – I picked it because lots of people on the Left Coast get free cell phone minutes starting at 7pm local…and if I wait too much longer in Eastern time, I may be asleep before it starts, depending on how many laps I did in the pool that day.

I haven’t done this in over a year, and things have changed a little bit, so I may make an unannounced test run sometime soon to see if I can make sure that I know what I’m talking about.

So, details…(lots more info can be found on the BlogTalkRadio FAQ)

If you click on the button above, you’ll be taken to my profile page on BlogTalkRadio. When the show is on the air, there’ll be a link that says “Listen live!” To listen, you must have a version of Windows Media Player or Flip4Mac. If you do, it’ll immediately open a live window and you’ll be able to listen in. You’ll also be given a phone number that will allow you to call in and talk to me on the air.

The phone number is a local number in NYC, so it’ll be a long distance call. (Hence my attempt to get evening minutes-time for everybody.) I can have up to four callers on the line at any one time, so I encourage everybody who’s interested to call in – the more the merrier! Or, at least I think so. The most I’ve ever had on at once is myself and one person. The rest of the time I was just talking to myself on the air for half an hour, and that gets old after the first six or seven times…

For the record, I’ve asked the lovely Dyskinesia if she’d join me as co-host, and so far she’s said she’s leaning toward “no.” If we’re lucky, maybe I can cajole her on for a few minutes to say “hi.” Or she could just blast me in a comment. 😉

So, if anybody has a marked preference for Tuesday or Wednesday night, let me know as soon as possible so I can get it formally scheduled…otherwise, everybody else, mark your calendars and suggest some stuff for me to talk about. Otherwise you may get a 30-minute lecture on motorcycle racing by a drawling idiot, and nobody wants that.

If the show goes well, there may be more. If not, well, if I have fun I may still try it again. Or I could just go back to talking to myself on the city bus as usual. Either way should be a blast, right?


4 Responses

  1. Wow! How cool. I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be able to tune in, but I’ll definitely try.

    Hey, nobody’s obligated, but everybody’s welcome!

  2. Make that Wednesday. Deadliest Catch is on Tuesday night, ya know! 😉

    D’oh, you’re right! Wednesday night it is. I love y’all, but Cap’n Phil is coughing up blood in the previews!!

  3. Hey…found you all on my own!! How cool about the radio show!! Catch me up…is it all talk or music? Can you talk about ANYTHING? And waht accent?

    I need info!!

    Hallie 🙂

    Wish I’d checked my comments before I emailed you back, then…oh well.

    See my comment to Laura above… suth’n, ma’am.

    The radio show will probably be mostly talk, but I have the ability to upload and play some music. I think they tend to frown on it for copyright reasons, but hell, most of the stuff I’d play is sufficiently obscure that they should be glad for the exposure. I’m working on uploading some “intro music” sometime soon, which is a new feature – I’ll have to experiment with that, and y’all can tell me if it works or not.

    And yes, we can talk about ANYTHING. That’s why I labelled it “mature” rating. I can get a little potty-mouthed sometimes.

  4. […] note of Hallie’s comment (almost sounds like Halley’s Comet, woohoo for the 80s!) I went ahead and uploaded a handful […]

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