What the heck?

Allison, you’re not the only one this week

Okay, so a couple of my coworkers are having birthdays, so we brought in some goodies.  One of said coworkers is a little self-consciously health-nuttish, so someone brought in some fruit and stuff.  I brought in a cake from the local grocery store.  (Bite me, it’s too damned hot for either Dys or myself to be baking.)

They started on the fruit, so I ate fruit along with everybody else.  But then nobody cut the cake. WTF?!?  I think our student workers will take care of it shortly.  Either that, or they’ll go into open revolt.

Edit:  Coworker just cut the cake.  Woohoo!


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  1. Um, if that had been in my office, women would have been ripping the plastic cover off that bad boy the second they sensed (or smelled) sugar entering the building…smashing all the grapes in the process, of course. We’re quite civilized. And calorie conscious.

    None of our guy students are working today or they’d have been on it. I think the girls are too shy.

    To be fair, I should have stepped in and done it myself. I will voluntarily suspend my Man Card for six hours in atonement.

  2. No one likes playing Cake Or Fruit. You have an odd office.

    When the game is clearly “Cake or Death.” Haven’t we been over this before?

  3. And we’ll keep going over it until your office plays properly!

    Although she graduated last Friday, my girlfriends daughter and a gaggle of friends are having their party tonight. I annoyed (I know! Hard to believe!) my girlfriend because every time she said cake I, of course, said, ‘Or death.’


  4. Two fellow Eddie Izzard fans…I’m so happy to have found you I could cry.

    Hell yes. My wife and I finally got to see Eddie live this year. It was awesomeness.

  5. Make that 3 – I do so love my Eddie. I’m not normally a groupie, but for him, I make an exception.

    Just for Eddie?!?

    On the Cake note…
    You guys have no idea. This thing is a CHOCOLATE SUNDAE CAKE!!! Holy crap. I couldn’t even look at it in the fridge for fear I’d spontaneously gain 40 pounds and tip over! Whatever’s left of that thing had better be coming home….

    Well, it WAS for someone else’s birthday so I’d feel like a rat for bringing most of it home…I could sneak you a big slice, though, definitely. (There is altogether too much of the damned thing left at the moment. It’s ridiculous.)

  6. Ok, that cake sounds like cake porn. WTF took them so long to cut into that badboy?

    And I too, love Eddie Izzard.

    I have NO IDEA why they waited so long.

    And the fact that most of you posted to say you love Eddie just shows that my blog readers are far more intelligent than the average bear.

  7. I love it.

    At the party my girlfriend comes up to me and says, “There’s no more cake.”

    To which I responded, “So my choices are or death?”

    She laughed. And I got to retire the bit.

    That is PERFECTION! She lobbed one over the plate and you dutifully knocked it into the next county. 😀

  8. […] More here: What the heck? […]

    Speaking of “What the heck?” Remember when I talked about blogbots? Seems like another one has found me.

  9. I love the Cake or Death bit! 😀

    The smell of frosting would have caused a mild stampede in my office.

    One of my coworkers was on vacation, otherwise it would have been gone before lunchtime. I have no idea how someone so thin can pack away the chocolate.

    I should post the Cake or Death thing again so everybody knows what I’m talking about. I’ve posted a link to it before, but it was a bit obscurely placed. Here’s the link: Cake or Death. It’s a bit long, but the other YouTube vids don’t place it into proper context. The main “Cake or Death” bit starts up at 4:48 [right after a bit’s been cut out – bummer]. Or you could start at the beginning and have a chuckle.

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