…Because you gotta have goals.

Goals for this weekend:

1)  Get rid of the huge pile of shit behind my garage from the Memorial Day fiasco.

2)  Mow the lawn.

3)  Play our brand-new Spongebob Monopoly with my wife and son.  My wife is a board game freak.  She will stop at nothing to get our son similarly addicted.

4)  Practice “Enter Sandman” drums on Rock Band.  (Yes, on Medium.  Bite me.)  I need the leg workout, anyway.  While I’m at it, maybe “Dani California” on drums, or on guitar on Hard.  I’m holding Dys back.

5)  Get some stuff together for a future yard sale.  (Hopefully.)

6)  Watch some more of Scrubs Season 4.

Everything else will be gravy.

[Note:  I was going to put “assail wife with innumerable sexual innuendos” but, you know, that goes without saying.]


2 Responses

  1. It doesn’t just go without saying: It’s the status quo.

    Aw, honey.

    You’re not holding me back with your guitar practice as much as I’m holding you back with mine in the other band – yeesh. I actually am going to have do some vocal practice on all those flippin songs that I don’t know myself.

    Vocal practice, eh? Maybe we SHOULD download “Blackened.” 😀

    Yard sale, schmard sale. We’re moving furniture!

    I’ll take it.

    …and playing SB Monopoly until we’re ready to move into a pineapple house of our own. 😀

    That’ll only take two pina coladas.

  2. Dys ~ I was waiting to see if you responded to the last part. 😀

    She was exasperated with it by about 10:00 on Saturday morning. 😀

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