It’s not supposed to do that.

My son is definitely enamored of the whole rock-star image, as I think I’ve said.  So every now and then he goes downstairs and completely bashes the living shit out of the little cheapo kiddie drum set we borrowed from a friend and her son.  That’ll rattle your fillings for the 5 minutes he does it, but then he’s done.

He also occasionally wants me to take him downstairs and let him bang around on my bass or my guitars from time to time.  That’s a little less fun, because I have to go down there, plug him into my amps, make sure nothing’s too loud, etc.  But he likes me to play with him, and that’s fun.  Well, it’s more like he wants me to play while he stands near me and whacks at the strings, but he’ll learn.  (I hope.)

Friday evening he convinced me to set him up with the bass.  I shortened the strap, plugged it in, handed it to him, and turned on the amp.  Then I set about plugging my guitar in when he says, “Ow!”  Well, those big roundwound bass strings are kinda hard on the fingers, so I paid it no mind.  Then he says, “Ow!” again and gives me a funny look.

“Dad, it hurts.”
“What hurts?”
“It’s shocking me.”

Nah.  I grab it, and yyyyyyyyyeah, he’s right, it was shocking him!  WTF?

I play for a second, and yep.  It’s definitely the low buzz of a DC shock.  Holy moly!  Made me want to break into some Ace Frehley for a second.

After a moment I diagnosed it as a bad cord making some sort of bad connection.  If I plugged in any other cord, everything was fine.  And yeah, that one cord is something like 15-16 years old by now, so it’s lived out its usefulness.  Time to replace it.

Still, that’s one freeeeaky feeling to have that buzzing coming through the strings and into your fingers.


5 Responses

  1. Sheesh, that should keep the kid away from your bass strings from now on. Hmmm…I wonder if this could be put to use for other valued items…shock to train, not shock to injure. JK, of course.

    I don’t think I want to keep him away…although every now and then…hmm.

  2. That is kind of funny in a twisted parenting kind of way. Keep the bad cord for unsuspecting friends. (perhaps it is this type of thinking that has driven many of my friends away. 😀 )

    Now THERE is an idea. Mwuhahahahah!

  3. Yea, I’ve done that on my guitar. Painful and a little exhilarating at the same time. Weird.

    You’re right, it IS kinda cool in a strange way.

  4. Dude, I would TOTALLY use that to my advantage the next time some annoying teenager wanted to “play” my Les Paul because (and this is a sad but real quote): “I’m really good at Guitar Hero!”

    Real men wield the shocking POWER of the metal! (honesty compels me to admit that the closest I get to playing metal is a bad cover of the Red Hot Chili Peppers or Pearl Jam…and that’s not very close)

    Hey, you’ve got a LP too? Excellent! Here’s a photo of mine. Yeah, my biggest claim to fame is playing Pearl Jam’s “Alive” by myself, and crappily, in front of a crowd of mostly foreign camp counselors. Ooh, aah.

    One of my son’s friends was bragging to my wife about his Guitar Hero skillz a week or two back. Her reply was, “Yeah, well TB plays a REAL guitar. We’re not impressed.” (Although I will admit that GH and Rock Band are a blast.)

  5. All right, wait one second.

    First and foremost: My poor baby! Attacked by your equipment!! (…and I’m talking about the kid here. Equipment attacking the husband is, unless at higher voltage, mildly amusing. 😉 hehe – love ya babe!)

    That hurt a lot more than the shock! Okay, not really, but I had to try to be funny.

    Second and, okay, secondmost: The friend of the son is 12, and while he’s at that 85% butthead stage, I did not say, “We’re not impressed” to a 12-year-old! He said he could BEAT us all on Guitar Hero (and that skillz w/a z is so perfect for that little snot). I said that I doubted that since TB had been playing a real guitar for quite a bit longer than youngster had been alive. That got his attention and slowed him down for about 2 seconds, and then he started in again. At which point, I said, “Wait a minute. Why am I taking this bait. Hey, kid, stop telling me because I don’t care.” 😀

    If you’re going to say I said something nasty to a kid, at least get it right. 😉 I should really have editing privileges on anything quoting me, LOL.

    Probably true, but then you’d be bitchin’ about “Damn, ANOTHER thing to sign off on? WTH?!?” 😉

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