Male faux pas

My wife illustrates a moment with the Real TB over here.  I figured I’d be fair and link to it to give all my female readers a peek beneath my suavely polished chrome dome…

…and, of course, so you can appreciate what it must be like to be Dys, who has to put up with lil’ ol’ me.


4 Responses

  1. “Have fun, babe.”

    That’s a real life example of Brian Regan’s ‘You too!’ bit.

    “I’m getting out of a cab at the airport and the driver says, ‘Have a good trip.’ So I say, you too! We’ll if you ever have the time to go anywhere, that’s all I’m saying. I’m a doofus!”

    We’re so programmed to react a certain way it becomes mindless. When I boxed I knocked a guy out and, after he was counted out, leaned over to shake his hand. Doh!

    Yeah, I remember Regan and his “You too!” This was definitely one of those moments.

  2. Hey, but if you were that guy I encountered at the doctor’s office last week, then you would assume that gay men like prostrate exams. So why wouldn’t women have fun getting a pap smear? LOL.

    I should ask a gay man if they like them. I would guess that the answer is ‘no.’ All about the context, I guess!

  3. Oh, no no no…and sarcasm my ass, nice save! 😉

    I swear!

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