A dip in the pool is splendid on a damned hot day like today…even if I AM getting shown up by the 55-year-old guys AND the 14-year-old girls there for competitive-swimming coaching.

But not so much when I shower and go to put my work shirt back on, and my undershirt is still damp with sweat from the walk across campus from my office to the pool.

DAY-YUM it’s hot already this year.  Bleagh.


6 Responses

  1. Ah, the first simmering in your own juices of the season. It’s good to get that out of the way early.

    If only that meant I’d do less of it later on.

  2. It is steamy. I wish it would go ahead and rain.

    We’ve had storms all around us for the past week, but nothing actually went through here to cool us down!

  3. Yup. It was 79 degrees here this morning at 6 am. That’s bad.

    Same here, but I’d bet more humid here than there.

  4. It rained here for most of the night and it only seemed steamier. We hit 94 at one point today. This summers electric bill is going to be a killer.

    Gah, don’t even remind me of the electric bill. 😛

  5. LMAO! Eww. When Bill was mudding my bathroom I had given him a hug and then backed off… eww, sweaty belly! LMAO!

    I think it is 60 out there right now. And sunny. And windy.

    Damn it, you’re supposed to show appreciation by toughing it out! Damn the sweaty belly!

    I’m envious, but then I remember your past winter, and I’ll deal. The biggest boon to me of leaving the midwest to go back south of the Mason-Dixon was giving up that whole long cabin-fever winter. Yeah, the summers suck, but I can deal. Hell, I used to make that same walk across campus to the motorcycle lot wearing a full suit of perforated leather. It’s hot, but it’s workable.

  6. We had this bright idea to turn the A/C off completely while we were on vacation. When we returned at 1:30 a.m. today the house was 88 degrees. My hoarded Kit Kats were all melty. I second your DAY-YUM.

    Welcome back! Sorry that’s what you were greeted with…especially your melted Kit Kats, that’s a tragedy!

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