Monday Music

Okay, enough stalling. I mentioned a few weeks ago that my wife and I got a surprise for our son for the end of the school year. Well, it was kinda for us too. We finally buckled and bought an Xbox 360, and Rock Band.

I delayed posting about it because, well, I had a thought that I’d helmet up and play a solo while my wife took pics of my goofy ass for you guys, if not actually record a short video. But then there was that whole plumbing snafu, and we just never ended up getting it done.

Well, here I am. And why not a badass song for Monday Music?

Rush, “Tom Sawyer”

Yeah. Right. I am ENTIRELY KIDDING. That is not REMOTELY me, that’s a killer Rock Band drummer who goes by the YouTube handle of AzuriteReaction. I don’t even think I could dare to aspire to pull THAT one off. The best I can do right now on the drums is a mean “Paranoid” or “Gimme Shelter” on Medium. MAYBE one day I’ll graduate to Hard. After a lot of work, that is.

But really, let me tell you, this game is right up our alley. We’d pretty much decided to take the plunge once we figured out that our son was using it to play the drums in music class at school. My wife already loved the Karaoke Revolution stuff for Xbox, and I’d played Guitar Hero in electronics stores and thought it was awesome. So, why not?

Well, hell, for a guy who always wanted to play in a band, now I’m in a shitload of ’em. There’s my son’s band, with my son on drums, me on bass, and my wife on vocals. There’s my band, with me on drums and my wife on vocals. There’s the band my wife and I started last night, with her on guitar and me on bass. (So far I struggle mightily to play guitar on “Hard,” but I’ve had considerable success on bass on “Expert.” Don’t ask me why, I dunno why.)

But those are all side projects. The Main Band is me on guitar and my wife on vocals. You will hear our names and tremble, for we are the immortal CAKE OR DEATH.

Seriously, this has been a blast. I wish I’d taken a picture of it before he erased it, but for a day or so this weekend my son’s dry-erase message board on his bedroom door read: “I am in RockBand and I am going to rock the earth!”

How can you beat that?


5 Responses

  1. That set up is really cool. Mr. J used to play the drums (long, long ago) and I think he would love to have that thing. Maybe after we move I can tuck pennies into a special fund for him.

    I love your Band name! 🙂

    I’ll pass that along to the wife. After some back-and-forth on what to name it, she finally came up with that one and told me to go away until she’d finished typing it so she could surprise me.

  2. RAWK! I challenge you to a battle of the bands!

    Sure, we’ll hop our jet from Stockholm.

  3. Thank you for playing Cake Or Death.

    Izzard is nuts.

    Rock on dudes and dudess!

    He’s the MAN. No matter what he’s wearing.

    We caught his show earlier this year, finally! I saw with short notice that he was going to be in town. I called my wife immediately and told her. “Well,” I said, “the tickets that are left will probably be either very expensive or very crappy.” “I don’t care,” she replied, “to see Eddie I’d sit on a hay bale in the rain.”

  4. I’m like… Dude, you are rockin’ Neil? Sa-weeeeeeeeet! … and then I read further. Faker. LMAO!

    Not only is that not me, but I sadly must admit that when I tried to pull a Geddy last night and play the song on bass on Hard, I completely failed the hell out. I hereby hang my head in shame.

    Back to the practice room for me.

  5. […] other states of existence   My son is definitely enamored of the whole rock-star image, as I think I’ve said.  So every now and then he goes downstairs and completely bashes the living shit out of the little […]

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