What it’s all about, indeed.

Damn you, Darryl.

I know I keep shilling for Killboy.com over and over on this site, but damn it, I’d quit doing it if they’d quit posting awesome photos.  They’re great, and they deserve every page hit and photo sale they get, so get on over there and check ’em out!

He had his wife mount up behind him with the wide-angle for these shots.  His caption for the second is “This is what it’s all about!”  I couldn’t agree more.  (Click on the images for a larger version.  Hell, go to Killboy.com and buy yerself a copy!  I’m tempted to get one for my office wall, meself.)

DAMN, being without a bike in May is hell.  HELL, I tell you.

(Oh, and Darryl, glad Lori’s getting back to feeling like riding after her get-off.  Hope she’s all healed up!)


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