The Return of the Sheepdog

I finally got my ass back into the pool again after an inexcusable layoff.

As suspected, they’d changed the lane layout from across the pool (25m) to the length of the pool (50m).  And also as I suspected, after the long layoff, it totally kicked my ass.

Oh, I forced myself to get in 600m, but make no mistakes, the sheepdog was back in the house.

And as a final insult, one might guess from my experience that the university was saving money by going without hot water in the showers.  Yoicks.  I don’t know anybody that likes cold showers, but more than that, I also don’t know any men that want to get dressed in a locker room after a cold swim AND a cold shower.


2 Responses

  1. I always prefer a cold shower after I swim, but I’m weird that way. 🙂

    Yep. All the tattoos and piercings in the world don’t phase me, but now I’m officially labelling you a weirdo. 😉

  2. I would be crying like a sissy in a cold shower. (and I don’t even have to worry about shrinkage.)

    Luckily it doesn’t appear to have been permanent. There was hot water in there today. *whew*

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