A question for the ladies

Ladies, should it be okay for me to post about my wife attempting to distract me from practicing the guitar by flashing her boobs at me and doing a little dance? Or should I ask her permission first?

I’m just curious.


9 Responses

  1. She knows you blog. I’d say it’s open season unless you planned on making derogatory comments, which is highly unlikely.

    But, I get why you’d ask. I have a juicy, yet highly painful, story about Bill that I am dying to tell. But I asked his permission first. He looked at me like I had three heads and told me that it was funny, especially now that he’s healed, so why would he care if I blogged it. LOL! I love that man.

    Only someone who’s never seen my wife’s rack could even think I’d make derogatory comments!

  2. I’ve never asked for permission to blog about anything the BF did or said to me. He knows I talk about him, and he said he didn’t care just as long as I didn’t use his name or any identifying details.

    So I say go for it.

    In a way, already did.

  3. I love how you told us what happened, but formed it in a question so as to be innocent of actually blogging about the event. Two thumbs up!

    To answer your question, as long as no children or small animals are hurt as a direct result of your words, it is all good.

    (And I use the booby distraction to defuse any volatile situation in our home.

    Hubby says, “Honey, I can’t believe you left your car unlocked again. What are you thinking?”

    I simply flash him the girls and he forgets what he was saying. *shrugs*

    Yep. That one happens to me all the time, too.

    “Hey babe, I was thinking about what we should do this weekend, and ”
    “Man, this bra HAS to come off…aaah, that’s better.”
    “Was I saying something?”

  4. I’ve read praises before of your wife’s OEM.

    Hopefully from me!

  5. Um… is that a rhetorical question since you just told us anyway? Unless the post includes naughty pictures of you enjoying said breasts, go ahead and post.

    I actually threatened to take cell-phone pics of her first thing on Sunday morning. Let’s just say that the counter-threats were convincing.

  6. I usually ask if there’s a story or something that I think he might want a vote on being in the blog, but something like that? Nah. If the BF gave me a sexy dance right now I’d let you all know!

    To be honest, I totally cheated. I told her I was going to post exactly what I posted. She laughed.

  7. But didn’t you just post about her flashing her boobs at you?

    Well, hell, so I did. 😉

  8. Ah, you did it anyway. And really I had an entire post about gas and my husband so I really don’t think anything is sacred.

    Besides, I flash my husband all the time to get stuff that I want:)

    Works, huh?

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