Monday Music

Well, since it seems like I’ll be having an out-of-office experience today, I thought I’d schedule this post in advance.

This one goes out to my son. This is his favorite song lately. Which means: I am one awesome dad.

Does too. Too too too too too too. Does too times ten.

Well, it means I’m a happy dad, anyway.

Iron Maiden, “Aces High”

I gotta say, Maiden always makes me want to play. Bass, guitar, drums…hell, Maiden makes me wish I could play them all at once. This isn’t my personal favorite Maiden tune (I’ll probably use that one as a Monday Music at some other point) but it’s a damned good one.


One Response

  1. Dude, it’s “Does too… to infinity.” Didn’t that boy teach you anything? LOL!

    Maiden has never been a fav of mine, but I remember that one and it’s been eons since I’ve heard it.

    Yep, it’s a good’un.

    Congrats on the Wings making the finals, by the way! Go Wings!

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