Don’t you love compilations?

I was looking over my dashboard today and noticing still more hits on my “asking a girl out” pages. It’s funny to note that some of my earliest writing on this site still gets the most attention – because some things never go out of style, I guess. And some flop-sweating teenager trying to work up his guts to ask a girl out is one of them.

On a lot of levels, I like this. Even all the hits on my joke-page about the phenomenon…because, as I’m about to edit the post to say to all the guys who are finding it, the one thing you can take away from reading that is that you’re definitely not alone. Legions of nail-chewing guys have preceded you, and legions will succeed you. They’re all thinking that there’s something wrong with them, that most guys don’t have that problem. Wrong. Most guys do, it’s the rarest of guys that don’t.

But I’ve been thinking a bit more about my blog administrivia since the weekend, when my lovely wife and I were discussing it, and I showed her my stats page with my highest all-time posts and search terms. Sometimes it’s amusing to me. Probably only to me, but nonetheless…

So what the hell, I’m throwing the top 10 out there as a “greatest hits” thing, chosen by you, the readers. (I think it’s nicer to think of it that way than as the dreaded obligatory sitcom clip show.)

  1. Asking a girl out – the high school edit
  2. The Birthday Cake of Doom
  3. How to ask a girl out
  4. The fear of one’s self
  5. The Taoist Biker Glossary
  6. Taoist Biker FAQ
  7. The Soundtrack of My Life
  8. Are You A Nice Guy?
  9. 2007 MotoGP Season In Review
  10. When the tables are turned

A few comments on the top four:

If you add all the hits up, the “How to Ask a Girl Out” series would be #1. The “Table of Contents” page ranks third; the individual pages in this series would technically rank numbers between numbers 10 and 19, but I don’t think it’s fair to count them that way. Most of those hits are surely people clicking through.

About a third of the hits on “The Birthday Cake of Doom” came on one day, when someone on the QVC forums apparently linked to it and claimed the cake as hers. Fibber.

The hits on “The Fear of One’s Self’ are largely based off of the first-day hits when I linked it in a comment on Vix’s blog.

And “Asking a Girl Out – High School Edition” is the only one to actually receive at least one hit a day since I opened this blog. Whoa! I must have done something right.

Sadly, hits on my date application are outside the top 20, even once I deleted all the duplicate “ask a girl out” posts. *sniff* The under on the O/U line is still winning.

And just for laughs, the Google searches that most frequently brought people here: (including variations)

  1. “motivational posters” including lots for “bikers” and “boobs.” The amusing part is that I’m nowhere near the top of the Google charts for this – how many pages are people willing to click through to find me?
  2. “taoist biker”
  3. “r2d2 cake” (or “Star Wars cake” etc)
  4. “megyn price” (especially together with something about “boobs” or “tits” – seriously, my post mentioned her just for a second, and the word “boobs” is nowhere to be found. Celebrity droolers can be scary.  Ms. Price, if you’re reading this, I think you’re wonderful, and apparently a sizable number of people feel the same way about your breasts.)
  5. “how to ask a girl out in high school”

After that, it’s a few searches on MotoGP and a bunch of people who pull up my soundtrack blog because I use the word “meaning” in it, and so it comes up when people google “meaning of” and the title of any song on the list…even though nobody’s ever actually emailed or commented to ask me about the soundtrack.

So there’s my Greatest Hits, Vol. 1. It’ll be interesting to check up on my first blogiversary (awww) and see where things stack up compared to now. I’m betting that the “Asking A Girl Out – High School Edition” will still be #1.

And that the unders will still be winning the bet on the application thread.


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