Be careful with those things!

They’re dangerous!!

Oh Emm Gee. My motorcycle friends are fountains of complete batshit-craziness sometimes.

Click’em this link here. Mostly safe for work, I think. But not if you work in an elementary school or a church, probably.

(I hate to ruin the magic, but I think she actually is using her hand.)

I’d insert a joke here, but my wife could probably come up with a better one. If she could stop groaning in sympathy at the thought of hauling those things around without a forklift. And in this case, I most definitely agree. Certainly far, far, far too much of a good thing.

Reminds me of this motivation poster I saw a week or so ago (except not so much in the circus-freak manner displayed in the video):

Despite the best of intentions, we’ve been there, haven’t we, guys?


2 Responses

  1. She’d be a world wide star if Russ Meyer was alive.

    Yep, this is something akin to Russ Meyer playing the Jack Palance role as host of “Ripley’s Believe It or Not.”

  2. I swear to you, I just saw a picture of Anglelina Jolie (pregnant with twins) on the internet and her breasts look almost as big as the woman in that picture. I am easily distracted.

    The gal in the photo is Lucy Pinder, a British model. I think she’s gorgeous, but to be fair it should be stated I have a noted preference for voluptuous brunettes.

    I’m amazed that nobody’s commented on the video yet – not that many people have clicked on the link, apparently. It’s of a woman breaking stuff, karate-style, with one of her ridiculously enormous circus-boobs.

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