Redesign, take one, and…ACTION!

Okay, so my minor redesign is done.  Gone is the “About the Taoist Biker” bit on the top right, which was replaced by a series of new pages:  one not coincidentally itself entitled “About the TB,” with the others gathering my favorite posts on each of my main blog topics.  I’m thinking that change makes for a better introduction to me and the blog.

Also gone is the “Favorite Posts” box a bit farther down.  With the pages, I thought it was a bit superfluous.

Present, but annoying, is the clutter on the line above my image header.  I don’t like that it automatically puts each of your pages up there, but I haven’t yet found a way to change that without changing my theme, and I actually like my theme.  So I’m just going to deal with the clutter for now.

Comments, complaints, random insults?  You know the drill…


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