Monday Music

Well, hellfire & damnation.  In the midst of all my craziness and the deep breath afterward, I missed the fact that my boys from Stockholm had released their first video from their forthcoming (June 3rd, woohoo!) album, “Watershed.”  Can’t be havin’ that, now, can we?

Opeth, “Porcelain Heart”

It’s not typical Opeth – not all that heavy, really.  The harmonic structure is interesting.

I’m thinking that one of my buds, at least, will like this one, given that all the Victorian setting and costumes and things fall into her “shitting-bats goth” comfort zone.

Oh, and Mendez cut off all his hair?  Wasn’t suspecting that one at all.


3 Responses

  1. Well, that was interesting. I liked it. One of my favorite songs is by Opeth, Patterns in the Ivy II. I like their slow stuff a lot.

    Most people have never even heard “Patterns II,” it’s only available on the extended-edition CD of the “Blackwater Park” album. I bow in your general direction, ma’am.

    Seriously though, if you liked “Patterns,” get thee hence and grab a copy of their “Damnation” album. It’s all slow stuff, no distortion or screaming anywhere. I’d bet you’d like it a whole whole lot.

  2. I do have Damnation. And both versions of Blackwater Park. Itunes is a wonderful invention.

    Rock on! 😀

  3. Maybe I just need to get laid, like yesterday… But, I found it very sensual.

    Hmm. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but generally “sensual” isn’t a word people use to describe Swedish death metal bands…

    Since you mention it, though, it is sort of sinuous and languid, isn’t it?

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