More Campus Life

Here’s another one of those things you don’t necessarily think about when it comes to working on campus:

I just saw a dude walking across campus. He was carrying two things:

  1. A spiral-bound notebook
  2. A pillow.

Edit, a few hours later:

You’d think that would be the most amusing thing I saw all day, but as I was walking back across campus myself a little while ago, I met a guy who was rolling around in one of those big vinyl hamster-ball contraptions.

Like these:


One Response

  1. No you did not. You couldn’t have. That’s insane. Well, it is a college campus so maybe you did.

    If I was going to lie, I would have made it something more believable, like tripping over a couple having sex in the library or something.

    I sw’ar ‘fo’ Gawd, it was a dude in a big hamster ball. A black guy who looked more like an employee than a student. And the inner “ribs” of the ball were red.

    It boggles the mind.

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