Monday Music

Going back to the well of golden oldies for this one…

Fleetwood Mac, “Silver Springs” [from “The Dance,” 1997]

A number of observations come with this one:

Fleetwood Mac’s “The Dance” album was one of the standard road-trip CDs in the rotation for my wife and I back around the time we got engaged and married, so this has a ton of great memories attached to it for me. This song in particular is one I used to sing to my son as I rocked him to sleep when he was a year old or so.

Have you ever seen a drummer having a better time playing than Mick Fleetwood? That guy always looks like he’s having an absolute blast.

My wife gave me my bass around the time that we bought this album, and so I used to sit around and play along with it as much as I could. John McVie is an absolute GOD on the bass, both in his writing and his performance. It’s criminal that such a killer rhythm section as Fleetwood/McVie aren’t talked about more often.

The bass line for this song is one of my favorites on this album. Yet as much as I’ve played bass to this song, I never tried to pick up the guitar and play along until yesterday. I tried it two ways: one straightforward, and one capoed at the 5th fret (the song itself is in C) and I don’t know which I really prefer. But I came away feeling happy with my ability to pull it off, one way or another.

This particular song I think is subtle perfection. My wife has gotten tired of hearing me say it, but there’s really no “lead instrument” in the arrangement – guitar, piano, bass, drums, each holds up its small part or takes over for a brief moment, but none really commands the song. It’s a seamless melding of all of the parts that creates the whole. Beautiful.

And finally, lyrically and in terms of the vocal performance, tell me this baby doesn’t have some power. “Rumours” was 20 years old when this live album and video was recorded, folks. Pick it up at about 4:15 when Stevie and Lindsey turn toward each other and tell me what you think. Especially at 4:50 when she takes a couple of steps in his direction. Whoa. Old fires never really die, do they?


3 Responses

  1. Wow, I’ve heard that song on the radio once or twice, but I really like this live version.

    Damn skippy!

  2. Wow, there were definite sparks at the 4 minute 50 second point.

    No kiddin’, man. Lesson: You don’t dump Stevie Nicks and expect it to go easily.

    Truthfully, I still drool over Stevie. I’ve been smitten with her since I was tiny, and I think she’s still beautiful. Even if she’s 20 years older than me and did more drugs and/or bandmembers in the 70s than anybody has a right to have survived.

  3. […] I thought “Hmm.  I think I’ve already done that one.”  And yep, I had – and did a very good job describing it if I do say so myself.  Damn I love that […]

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