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Traipsing Through Spring

I took my semi-regular little jaunt from little College Towne to big ol’ State Capital today.  So here’s a little bit of that travel blog that got lost last month.

I again took the scenic route out there, the little underused two-lane road that I used to take back when I still had my motorcycle to ride on these trips.  It was already 60 degrees when I dropped my son off at school, and after a moment’s reflection I turned off my 80s music (yes, that blog is still forthcoming…the backbone is done, now I just have to flesh it out with some commentary), rolled down my windows, and attempted to pathetically re-create the experience of motorcycling as effectively as I could.

It’s hard not to love my adopted state, especially in springtime.  Everything was blooming; everything was adorned in brilliant greens and yellows and purples and whites.  Cows were grazing as excitedly as cows can (which ain’t much), birds were singing, creeks were trickling away noisily, and generally I felt like a million bucks.

I passed through a few old, small towns where in the downtown areas hundred-year-old buildings still stood, their intricate decorative woodworking marking the pride of craftsmanship of a different era.  One old building looked as though it was made out of logs, even – it was conveniently located next door to the town “historic preservation” office.  A stately 1920s factory building, now desperately trying to be rented out as apartments.  The taquerias (including one excellent one, I must say) and tiendas catering to Latino immigrants.  The antiques stores with old horse-drawn carriages sitting outside.  Welding shops with the shop name boldly emblazoned in Krylon on the old wooden sign.

Accidents had my main route into town blocked, so I ended up detouring through a lot more of the downtown than I’d planned.  The breeze off of the little river felt nice, I must say.  But at the same time, it’s dangerous to drive around downtown – too much traffic combined with too many ladies wearing their warm-weather outfits.

(Although I’ll hereby take an informal poll:  People, we can agree that there should be an upper age limit on halter tops, right?  And that limit should be BELOW age 50, right?  Okay, I thought so.  Thanks.)

Still having some time to spare, I stopped by the veterans’ memorial near the capitol building.  I go there from time to time to visit and pay my respects, but also because it’s in an absolutely beautiful place…and it’s remarkably quiet for being so near the center of everything.  On a blooming spring day like today, it was stunning.  I took this shot with ye olde camera phone this morning.

If I could spend every gorgeous day like today traveling around the state, just enjoying life, I’d be a happy guy.  Hmm.  Only 30-odd years until retirement, huh?


3 Responses

  1. Spring has sprung here too. Complete with allergies and severe thunderstorms. Oh, look, we’re having one right now.

  2. halter tops with a max age of 50? You are being forgiving my friend, far too forgiving…(and then there is the added layer of complication of “how they look in it body-type-wise”…sigh…)

  3. Becca: Oh hell yeah, allergy time. I was actually talking to my coworkers a few days ago and actually interrupted one of them in mid-sentence with a “Holy crap!” The wind was blowing a goddamned yellow CLOUD off of the trees across the quad. I don’t even have allergies, and that’s ridiculous.

    We had some badass storms in the winter, actually – haven’t had any yet this spring, but we may be getting some pretty soon.

    Romi: Yes, far too forgiving, I know – but I figure 50 is an age everyone can agree on to get the law enacted, then start tightening it down from there.

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