Gimme five.

I’m voluntarily taking up Allison’s meme from earlier. Even though that means I have to rush things a bit in order to put my kid to bed and catch Deadliest Catch on Discovery. Priorities, people. You know it.

5 Things Found In My Bag

I admit it. I carry a messenger bag pretty much everywhere I go, so it may as well be my man-purse. Oh well.

A small Eddie Bauer multi-tool, a flash drive, my planner, breath mints, and a large-barreled mechanical pencil I’ve had for at least eight or ten years. I love that thing.

5 Things In My Room

I decided not to use my bedroom…too easy. The only thing I could show you of any real interest would be a bottle of Astroglide or my wife’s PJ pants that were on the bed when I came home today: the ones that say “High Maintenance” on them. I contemplated shooting a picture of her butt in those, but then I figured the evening would have ended with her perusing the Yellow Pages for attorneys, and all of my mostly-female readership would have been fully supportive.

Instead, I took pics of things not in my bedroom, but in my room: the dark, mostly-cleaned-up-after-flooding extra room in the basement where my wife graciously lets me keep all my man stuff that she can’t tolerate elsewhere in the house. Every guy should have such a room. Most guys do: it’s called “the attic,” or “the mini-storage slot.”

1. Guitars

These are (most of) my guitars. Actually, the acoustic belongs to my wife, but I took mine home to Virginia to leave.

2. Amplifiers

Them tunes ain’t gonna crank themselves.

3. Music

This is about 70% or so of the CD collection my wife and I have amassed over the years. Most of her favorites reside in or around her office computer, her car, and a separate 2-row tower we have elsewhere. And as you can see, we have a handful from this one in use in varying places right now. It’s usually packed full.

4. Implements O’ Doom

Some tools from my prior martial arts career…hopefully one day I’ll get back into that. Clockwise from the top: Suburi (practice sword), wakizashi, katana, wooden practice knife, matched pair of butterfly swords. This doesn’t count my ridiculously huge European broadsword, as it doesn’t usually live in my room.

5. My helmet

We had lots of good times together, and hopefully someday we will again.

(And yes, I took one extra picture. If you look on my Flickr page, you’ll see the sixth, unused “Thing in My Room.”)

Five Things I’m Into

  1. Music: From the above, it should be obvious.
  2. Motorcycling: If you don’t know by now that you should never, ever, ever engage me in a conversation about motorcycling or motorcycle racing without at least an hour to spare, then let this be your warning.
  3. Reading: I’ve always been a junkie. I normally juggle about three books at any given time, from varying genres and of varying moods and levels of difficulty. I think it’s better that way: Tonight I may not be in the mood for a history of WWII or Pirsig’s theory of morality-as-Quality, but George Carlin hits just the right note.
  4. The Outdoors: Although I live in the city now, I’ll always be a country kid at heart. Give me a few square miles of forest to wander in and I’m a happy guy. Especially if you can throw in a little hunting or (especially) fishing.
  5. Women. I likes me some women. Don’t generally understand them any more than I do Chinese opera, but what the hey, right?

Five Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do

  1. Take a long motorcycle trip with my son, a la Pirsig in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I’ve particularly thought about riding US Route 60 from its beginnings in Virginia Beach, Virginia until it turns into Superstition Freeway in Phoenix, Arizona. I’d say I’d follow it until it ends, but it seems to peter out and run into Interstate 10, and Phoenix seems like a better place to end a trip.
  2. Play a live gig with a band in front of an audience. I’d prefer a rock or metal gig, but I’m not terribly picky. I’ve just always wanted to knock that one out.
  3. Catch a 10-pound bass. Or a 40-pound Northern or Muskie, that would be fun too.
  4. Race a motorcycle. Just once would be enough, or at least that’s what I tell myself. Unless you’re my wife, in which case once would be way, way way, way, way too much.
  5. See my son grow into a happy man. That one would beat ‘em all.

5 Responses

  1. Cool meme, I think I’ll volunteer for it to. After the epic tale of doom is over with, that is. Oh, and have you been watching “Trippin’ on Two Wheels” on Speed TV? AWESOME show. Last episode they were traipsing around Spain on a trio of Aprilia Tuono R’s.

  2. Okay, no, but I’ll have to! I rode a Tuono R at a demo once, and DAMN that was a sweet bike. Like my SV on super-steroids.

    I just noticed that in my rush the list of things in my room changed everything to be #1. Hah! I’ll fix that.

  3. Great. Fixed the formatting, and now the spacing is all screwed. Let that be a lesson to me – never use IE to paste Word into WordPress again.

  4. Those are some pretty guitars. And I really like the Katana too. 😀 I’ve always wanted to learn how to use one properly. Just like I’d like to learn how to play my guitar.

  5. All right, I feel dirty, but I just can’t resist a cheap joke: “Okay, is there anything ELSE I have that you’d like to learn to use?”


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