Life as a MUDder

Well, I thought I’d throw out SOMEthing for all you guys this week. Somehow I keep getting hits, so you folks must really be bored…

For those of you who have never been hardcore MUDders/gamers, this is a quick shot that shows gaming at its most ridiculous. That’s the kind of stuff I played for about four years, and then programmed for eight more. Except all in text, so take the typical gamer-geekitude and put it to the power of ten.

And yes, while I don’t necessarily fit the stereotype of any of the people who speak, I DID know “leaders,” I DID know “number crunchers,” and my best friend’s suicidal bravado was on a par with the immortal Leeroy himself.

And there’s this one that makes my wife (an affirmed Chaotic Neutral herself) laugh…(click for the full-size version)

Personally, I’m a Chaotic Good type. Although I usually played Lawful Evil.

What the hell, I’ll throw out some audience participation: which alignment are you, and which would be most fun? For a list of the archetypal alignments and their explanations, see here.


7 Responses

  1. I used to play Vampire the Masquerade in high school. No wonder I never got asked out.

  2. My wife has a honking hunk of cards from some Vampire collectible card game (not sure if it’s “The Masquerade” or something else) from when she used to play with her ex and their friends, but I’ve never played.

    I have played Five-Colored Crack, though. She got me hooked, albeit briefly. There was an infamous game on Christmas Eve at my parents’ house before we got married in which we got positively pissed at each other.

  3. Sadly, I had to “click here” to see what you were talking about with the archtypes. I think I’m Lawful Good. And now I feel very boring.

  4. I am chaotic good…just like an elf, just like Robin Hood 😉

  5. Allison, don’t feel bad – Lawful Good is what our parents would like us to be, and if the world was all lawful good, it would be a better place. And as the archetypes say – lawful good often have the hardest choices to make.

    And besides, really, what’s “sadly” about having to read something to know what an avowed D&D geek is saying?

    Romi, [insert chaotic joke here] 😉

  6. chaotic good, so i like to think. I’ve been told I’m actually Chaotic neutral though….

  7. I think at my worst moments I come close to Lawful Neutral. That seems like a horrible thing to be – that you care more about rules than right and wrong?

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