Monday Music

I’m going to go ahead and blog this one in advance, because this week is going to be my hell week and hell if I know if I’ll be around long enough to blog it at the time.


  • to all the hell I put myself through in the past week and the week to come
  • to the crap that cropped up in the meantime that screwed everything up even further
  • to the rains that seeped into the basement room where I keep my amps (everything’s fine except the carpet, thank God)
  • to the one little $8 piece to our steam cleaner for getting lost, necessitating a drive clear across town to buy a replacement part
  • to the IRS
  • to Toshiba
  • to an insurance company (not ours) for stalling on fixing my wife’s car after their client damn near killed her and my son
  • and to anything and anyone else who has delayed, annoyed, angered, fucked with, or just generally pissed me off recently…

This one’s for you.

Lamb of God, Redneck

(Yes, you have to click the link. Embedding is disabled. It’s worth it. Even if you watch the video with the sound off, you’ll be amused, even if you won’t get the “this is for you” part.  My personal favorite moment comes at 1:53.)

Richmond, Virginia, repre-fuckin’-sent.

I may say hi once or twice this week, but otherwise, catch y’all next week. The bad news is that I’ll be completely exhausted, but the good news is that I’ll be a hell of a lot more mellow.

Y’all have fun.

Edit, a few days later (but still before this posted): See, hell week’s not even over yet and I’m already feeling better. So far.


3 Responses

  1. Nobody should have to deal with the IRS and the other party’s insurance company in the same week. Not even my worst enemy. Well, maybe my worst enemy (if I had one). I hope things mellow soon for you!

  2. Don’t you just love those days, weeks, months when you just want to yell “FUCK THIS!” I sure do. Now, I’m off to go listen to the song.

  3. So what’d you think?

    Things are looking up. Soon it’ll all be behind me. The good news is that I get to blow off some steam on Saturday night at a nice metal concert, woohoo!

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