Hayden Breaks In the new IMS Motorcycle Course

This is just too damned cool. I first heard about this on Wind Tunnel on SpeedTV this weekend, and yesterday the great staff at SuperbikePlanet.com had the event covered.

2006 MotoGP World Champion Nicky Hayden, the Kentucky Kid hisself, visited Indianapolis on Monday to be the first motorcycle racer to ride the new Indianapolis Motor Speedway motorcycle racing course in advance of this year’s inaugural MotoGP event at IMS. (And I’m gonna be there, awfuckyeah!!! err, um, excuse me, I got a little excited there for a second.)

The cool part? Not only did Nick ride a Honda CBR1000R around the course – he first rode a 1909 Indian, one of the bikes that raced in the first (and until this fall the only) motorcycle race at Indy back in 1909. Oh yeah. An old air-cooled, hand-shifter V-twin Indian, fresh from the IMS Hall of Fame Museum, that looks more like a heavy-duty bicycle than anything else. Wearing an old-school leather helmet, goggles, and sweater to boot as he piloted that bad boy to an estimated top speed of 40mph.

Tell me this guy doesn’t look like he’s having fun.

More photos and press releases available from the good folks at SuperbikePlanet.com. Go give ’em a visit! Yes, including you ladies. If my wife’s inability to keep her tongue in her mouth is any indication, Nick is a little on the handsome side.


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