Sex Appeal

 I’ve finally implemented another phase of my workout plan for this year.  I bought my pool membership last week, and swam today for the first time in almost two years. 

Lesson learned: 

There’s nothing sexier than a bald guy with a beer gut and a six-inch goatee hanging onto the side of a lap-swim pool and panting like an overheated sheepdog.

Or that’s my desperate hope, at least. 


9 Responses

  1. I’m hot as hell just thinking about it! Why do you think I married you?!? 😉

    (…for the record, I’ve seen a beer gut, and that ain’t one. Small bottle of bourbon, maybe.)

  2. Overheated sheepdog…what a great line. Your wife is a lucky woman. 😉

  3. […] heavier still (198 as of Tuesday), and my pants fit a little more snugly than I’d like.  So, back in the pool I go.  But this time, I’m going to keep lifting weights while I swim, and hopefully retain some […]

  4. I want to go swimming. I haven’t been swimming in years.

  5. Sweet smell of chlorine! (especially when it hangs around all day long…I’m serious about that…I love the smell of chlorine)

  6. Oh, God, I have to scrub the hell out of myself to get the smell out. I can’t stand it when it’s as heavy as the university keeps the lap pool.

  7. […] minutes. That’s still pretty shitty, especially when you consider that while I’m there gasping for breath between laps there are guys 20 years older than me going back and forth and back and forth without […]

  8. […] I forced myself to get in 600m, but make no mistakes, the sheepdog was back in the […]

  9. […] been following me for a while might remember that this is the time of year when I normally hit the pool and swim some laps.  I’m not doing that this year, and this post is where I talk about […]

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