Like Sturgis, but faster.

Dean Adams from wrote this awesome story about GP weekend at Jerez, Spain, 1997, when over a hundred thousand race fans converge on the racetrack for a weekend fiesta.

It includes little bits like this:

Things turn potentially deadly on Main street when the locals, spilling from the sidewalks begin to crowd the street looking for a better view of the wheelies and high speed pass action. The crowding slowly continues as the wheelies get longer and more flagrant until the street is down to one lane of fun, with bikes accelerating and wheelieing directly at each other in one single lane in sort of an unorganized but deadly game of chicken. That still isn’t close enough for some spectators, they continue to crowd and finally the bikes are wheelying on a collision course as the single lane is less than four feet wide. The action crosses the border from mildly entertaining fun to seriously stupid at this point as the bikes are colliding and running through the crowd at speed, like Mike Baldwin in the Connecticut woods, missing people when they can, mowing them down if not.

Yeah. Imagine crazy assholes doing wheelies down the rows of bikes in Sturgis or Daytona. If you want to hear how Spanish policia react, well, you’ll have to read Dean’s article.

European motorcyclists in general are, I believe, much more intelligent than American motorcyclists. But European motorcycle racing fans, like all European sports fans, can be downright fucking nutso.


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