Best-laid blog plans…

I had a trip yesterday from sleepy little College Towne to big old State Capital for a meeting. I had lots of time after dropping off the munchkin in the morning, so instead of taking the big highway I took the little byway…the one that existed before the big highway. For that matter, probably existed before cars. Was probably a plank road in the 1880s, a wagon track in the 1850s, and a blazed trail through the woods in 1800. The torrential rains moving along everywhere from Texas to Pennsylvania plastered us, too, so I had all kinds of cool observations about cattle paths becoming creeks, creeks becoming rivers, and rivers becoming fingers of the Old Testament God’s wrath on earth. Anyway, it was a fun trip and I noticed some things that I thought were cool, and I thought I’d blog them when I got back to the office today.

But then amongst the torrential rains, somebody hydroplaned and smashed into my wife’s car as she was bringing our son and his friend home from school, and my plans got derailed a bit.

First of all, everybody’s fine. At least everybody in my wife’s car. Supposedly the other car’s airbag deployed, and since the driver was pregnant, she was taken to the hospital to be checked out, but my wife says from the cop’s attitude she got the impression that everything would be okay. Which is cool, considering that both cars somehow did a complete 360 on a busy multi-lane highway during pre-rush-hour traffic without hitting anyone else.

The other car hydroplaned on an entrance ramp, started to spin all the way around across a lane of traffic, and headed toward my wife. Seeing it coming, she had the presence of mind to try to change lanes to the left, speed up, and avoid the crash. It didn’t work out perfectly, but it did allow the other car to hit her in the rear passenger quarter-panel instead of in the rear passenger door, where our son was sitting. She even managed to regain control and bring the car to a stop in the median pointing in the right direction.

She then had the joy of sitting in a car with the fuel pump automatically shut off and the already-low battery slowly dying from the caution blinkers, during a driving downpour, with two autistic-spectrum children, for the better part of an hour until the other boy’s mother could get there and get the boys. Then she got to wait alone for another half hour or so before the tow truck and I could arrive at the same time, in rush hour traffic, to empty her car of CDs, booster seats, and so forth in the pouring rain and spray while traffic zipped by at 65mph a few feet to our right.

To my wife’s enduring credit, not only did she do everything she possibly could to both avoid the accident and minimize the damage during it, but she kept the kids calm afterward. She kept her voice calm and level while they jabbered excitedly, and when the windows began to fog up, she assigned them the “job” of keeping them wiped clear with a box of Kleenex. They took to this with gusto, and it kept them sufficiently busy until the novelty wore off. By that time, they were fine just reading a book. I could hear the edge start to creep into her voice when she called me after the boys were gone. But she kept it together and only partially freaked out when we finally got my car parked in the garage.

So, you know, I still have a nice travel-blog in me somewhere that will come out someday. But for now, we both get to deal with life as a one-car family for at least a few days until we get a rental, deal with the auto shop (luckily I have one I trust – thank you, coworker’s son-in-law!) and someone else’s insurance company as they try to screw me senseless. And we all know how much I love insurance companies. While we try to get our taxes and our son’s financial aid application done.

But at least I get to do so knowing that my family is unhurt.

I’ll take it.


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  1. Wow, what a day! Thank goodness everybody is okay! Good luck in not getting screwed senseless. And good luck with your taxes 😉

  2. What a hassle for you all. I am so thankful that you are all OK. There is nothing worse than hearing that your partner has been in an accident and not really knowing what’s going on.

  3. I’m so glad everybody’s okay!

  4. Thanks, everybody. I heard the really funny part last night. My son’s friend went home and wrote a letter to his classmates about the accident. His mom relayed the story to my wife:

    Kid writing letter: “Dear friends. I was an accident yesterday.”

    His mom: “No, honey, you were IN an accident yesterday.”

    [After they came to a stop, to keep the kids calm, my wife made some remark about it being like a rollercoaster.]

    Kid writing letter: “It was kind of like riding on a rollercoaster. Except it was more like riding the Scrambler.”

    Damn, that’s an awesome description!

  5. It’s so great to hear that everyone is alright, and indeed your wife really came through on this one, great plan on the “kleenex job”! 🙂

  6. I missed this. I’m glad everybody’s okay. Car accidents are scary.

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