Beautiful spring. Oh, wait. Damn spring.

The weather here has definitely turned in the last few days. Yesterday and today in particular have been purely stunning. I’m loving it.

Unfortunately, for those pathetic few bastards like myself who suffer from acute bike withdrawal, the first warm days of spring come with thorns embedded. I was walking along the sidewalk to my car at day’s end yesterday, soaking in the day, and I’d made it less than 100 yards before I first had the thought: “Damn, I would hurt someone for a working motorcycle right now.”

And that was before I got behind the guy on the red Ducati ST3. I’ve seen this fellow quite often, actually, over the past few years. He seems to be a rider with his head on straight (even if he’s usually wearing less gear than I would have), and of course my lust for Ducatis is well-documented. There’s just something about the sound of those Italian twins that gets to me, like an approaching thunderstorm on a hot summer day. My own Japanese twin was a close approximate, and I miss it, but the Italians are something different altogether.

On these beautiful spring days, the lack of a motorcycle is downright painful to me. It’s been that way since I was a kid, really, but since I got a few springs to actually know what it’s like to be out and riding, smelling the new flowers bloom in the early morning, it’s much more poignant.

I know that, barring some unforeseen and exceedingly unlikely event involving lottery winnings, unknown and filthy-rich uncles dying, huge settlement because a chunk of a spy satellite fell out of the sky and crushed my garage, etc., it’ll be somewhere between 2-10 years before I get my ass on another motorcycle. And it’s not like I don’t have plenty of stuff to spend thousands of dollars on in the meantime. Even if I wasn’t going to, say, pay my son’s tuition or reduce one of our mounds of debt, I’m still eyeing some more tattoo work or a new guitar. (As for the links…hey, it’s my dream, damn it. I can dream big if I want to.)

But as happy as a bleeding new, can-never-take-it-away-from-me tattoo makes me, or as much as I dearly love playing a beautiful guitar (and I haven’t had a new one in 10 years now, which if you know me is something noteworthy), they just don’t give me that same feeling of being out there, feeling the wind through my perforated leathers, and smelling the earth coming back to life after a long winter. Wow, what a feeling.

I’ll have it back one day. I just wish it was sooner.


7 Responses

  1. Can’t you get a beater or something? Nothing fancing, just something to tool around on?

  2. I have high hopes one day REAL soon, you’ll be back on two wheels! 😀

  3. Laura – Believe me, I fantasize about that regularly, but there are a few caveats. About a month after I had my accident, we first started to figure out that our son has Asperger Syndrome, and we pulled him out of public school and put him in a private school that caters to kids with AS, ADD, and so forth. The school has done wonders for him, and it’s been worth every penny…but I could buy a new Gold Wing every couple of years for what we’re paying in tuition. Yikes.

    That, and when I crashed I scared the ever-loving hell out of my poor wife. I was in the boonies, and I barely got cell phone reception enough to tell her I’d crashed, then I lost signal…and never got it back. So she knew I went down, but not that I was okay, and didn’t find out otherwise for more than an hour. That’s a long, long, long time. So I promised that it would be a while, until our son was a little older, before I mounted up again.

    Rogue – Riding bitch behind you doesn’t count. 😉 Me too, gal. When I do, you and me are going for a ride. I don’t know when or where, but we are.

  4. Oh, please let your bike get fixed soon!

    I have spring fever badly- which is complicated by the fact that my overtime runs through April 15th. The last month of tax season is a killer for me….bicycles to be ridden, trails to be hiked, playgrounds to be visited.

  5. Unfortunately, my motorcycle has been in a junkyard in Indianapolis (at least that’s where the insurance company told me it was going) since September of 2005. If I’d never turned it into insurance I could have fixed it myself in a month or two and still been riding it.

    Even with the torture of bike withdrawal, spring is still beautiful.

  6. Yes, spring is coming. And with it brings upper respiratory infections. No wonder I feel like shit.

    I would say “Hope your bike withdrawal gets better,” but I’m am not so naive.

  7. Becca, I saw your status update on your blog earlier – hope you feel better soon! Spring bugs suck.

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