We’re on a roll

Sometimes being in a good mood gets us places like this.  Pardon the possible TMI.

We’re having hot Italian sausage sandwiches for dinner.  We just put our son to bed.

Me:  “I think I’m going to have some rum, if you don’t mind.”
My wife:  “I was thinking of having some wine myself, but I’m going to finish burning my mouth first.”
“Yeah, I figured what with dinner and all, we weren’t having sex tonight anyway, so you wouldn’t mind the rum.”
[She says something in a funny tone of voice]
“What was that?”
“I said, g’ahead.”
“Oh.  I thought you said ‘Awwww’ to the ‘no sex’ thing, and I was about to say how nice that was that you said that.  Guess not!”

Now I’m off to have some Bacardi and Coke.  If you’re lucky, I’m done for the night.  If you’re not, there’ll be typo-ridden posts before the dawn.

I’m kidding.

Even when I’m drunk, I’m usually anal enough to notice and fix the typos.


3 Responses

  1. Hee-hee. You said you were “anal”. roflmao!

  2. He he. I used to blog while intoxicated. Lots of angsty political rants. I too am anal enough to fix the typos. Here’s to anal retentiveness!

  3. There are a few things you should do drunk…

    1. Phone/text old flames;

    2. Peruse eBay;

    3. Blog.

    At least with blogging you can delete it the next day when the throbbing in your head stops. Kinda hard to retract bids on your favorite childhood toys, or comments professing your love/disgust to the old flames.


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