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Monday Music

Many options for today’s Monday Music based on things I’ve thought of since Friday, but the beautiful weather this morning clinches it.  This one’s going out to my lovely wife.

Golden Earring, “Radar Love”

In our early days, my wife and I had an LDR thing going, so about once a month one of us would take a week off and make the 600-mile jaunt from Ann Arbor to Richmond or vice versa.  Only one ticket for each of us in that time period, which speaks more of blind luck than anything else.   The weather today reminds me a lot of one of those trips I made, and so after thinking of this song a few times since Friday and actually hearing it on the radio on Sunday morning, “Radar Love” wins it.

Incidentally, it’s also very high on the list of “Songs That It Should Be Legal To Speed During.”

Officer:  “Do you know how fast you were going?”
Me:  “Yes, Officer, but listen!”  [turns up radio]
Officer:  “‘Don’t Fear the Reaper?’  Okay, you’re free to go.”

For those of you who, like me, had a healthy dose of hair metal in the late 80s, the White Lion version of this song (with far inferior vocals but very nice guitar work) is here.


2 Responses

  1. I love this song. I used it as a Friday party song once.

  2. […] under Life and other states of existence, Music   As I mentioned in my Monday Music blog last week, I firmly subscribe to the classic Dave Barry theory that speed limits should take into account the […]

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