Still got it!

Or maybe more honestly, perhaps I obtained it sometime recently?  Cuz if I’ve got it, I don’t know when I received it, cuz for a long-assed time I definitely didn’t have it.  Anyway.

I had to meet someone for business reasons today.  Turned out she was a moderately attractive lady, by my estimation well within the my-age +/-5 bracket that would in theory interest me.

And maybe I’m crazy, but it seemed like there was some chemistry there.  Don’t get me wrong, we were perfectly professional about it – no flirting, no innuendo, no banter.  But if I know anything about men and women, there was a little bit of a spark there.  If nothing else, sure did seem like the meeting took about four times as long as it needed to, in a less-than-ideal meeting space.

Anybody else ever have that happen?  A completely mundane encounter that began and ended and will go away without regret, but for some reason just seemed a little…for lack of a better term, charged?

So, what now?  Nothin’.  I’m having dinner alone with my lovely wife tonight (woohoo for friends inviting our son to Movie Night with their son!), so I’m gonna take that energy home to Baby.  *evil grin*

What a good time for a weekend.


2 Responses

  1. Been there! It’s a really weird feeling isn’t it? When it happend to me, I walked out and said to myself exactly what your title is.

  2. Yep, a weird feeling, but still a good one!

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