Speedy Recovery!

I just found out that Lori “Killgirl” Cannon (who’s been mentioned before in this blog) was in a motorcycle accident this past weekend.  She seems mostly okay, aside from some bruising and a broken wrist, but word is she’s a bit shaky after her first crash.  I can definitely empathize with that.

Anyway, while I’ve never met Lori or her husband Darryl, I’ve enjoyed their blog and their photography for almost five years now, and everyone I know who’s ever met them says they’re as nice a couple as you could hope to meet.  So I’m sending wishes for a speedy recovery along on Dragon’s wings, and if any of you folks feel like doing the same, I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

Thanks, and remember folks, stay safe, wear your gear, and keep the rubber side down.


2 Responses

  1. Hardest thing I ever did was get back on my ex’s cycle after a crash.

    Speedy recovery (both physical and mental) are on their way.

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