Monday Music

Well, I’m out of town today, so I set this to post some time ago, actually.  Usually I do this Monday Music based at least somewhat upon what I’m listening to at a given moment.  Since I have no clue as I write this what I’ll be listening to today as you read it, I figured what the hell, I’d take a departure and post up a song that I think ranks way up there in terms of Most Beautiful Song Ever Written.  Everybody should hear this tune at least once in their life.

Weather Report, “A Remark You Made”

Joe Zawinul could fucking write a song, man.  The keyboard solo beginning about 4:38 is, in my opinion, one of the best solos on any instrument that I’ve ever heard.  It’s fast, it slows down, it speeds up again, and comes back – it pulls, it soars, it’s like watching a bird in flight.  It’s gorgeous.  I can never listen to this song without being absolutely transported emotionally, which I think is absolutely a hallmark of a classic.

There is also an excellent 1978 live version of this song available here (Gawd save us from Jaco and his monochromatic red), but to me the studio version is just so goddamned perfect that I don’t think it could ever be topped.


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