Serious Motorcycle Skills

Some guys have it, some guys don’t. Gals too, for that matter.

This is a video of a sort of trials or autocrossing for motorcycles, and the rider displays the kind of skill that probably less than 5% of all motorcyclists possess. It may or may not look like much to a casual observer, but anyone who’s ever ridden a motorcycle will recognize just how badass this guy is.

(Hell, for that matter, imagine riding this course on a bicycle with those lean angles and see what you think.)

It’s an old video that’s made the rounds several times – I saw it first probably three or four years ago on my old motorcycle board – but it still makes me smile every time I watch it. And burn with envy, too, of course.


One Response

  1. I don’t pretend to know squat on this subject, but even I can tell that’s pretty awesome, dude.

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