How Romantic.

This weekend I was out on a little trip with my son when I passed a White Castle. I shit you not: outside on the billboard of the fuckin’ White Castle, there was a sign that said:


God help us all, they even have a web page devoted to it.

Now tell me, people – how fuckin’ romantic do you have to be to get Valentine’s Day reservations at your local White Castle?

(For those of you who have never been in or through the Midwest or New York, check the White Castle page on Wikipedia, and I’ll add the note that most people consider White Castle food palatable only when incredibly intoxicated or in the grip of some serious cannabis-inspired munchies.  Southerners, it’s kinda like a Krystal.)


3 Responses

  1. OMG, those things still exist? I don’t have incredibly high standards in my opinion, but I’d definitely have to dump a guy for taking me to White Castle on V-Day. Oh, and you will soon have mail, I wanna talk to you about something.

  2. There is a White Castle right next to my gym…go figure.

    Anyway, RESERVATIONS FOR A WHITE CASTLE??? Do they hand out heart-shaped Immodium pills for dessert?

  3. That would be the perfect follow-up, I’m sure!

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