Feelgood Friday

Okay, too many vids already this week so I’ll just link to the obvious:  Dr. Feelgood, cuz I feel good, dammit.

Beyond that, some more quick hits.  My family kicks ass.

Over burgers last night, my son says “I played Xbox 360 at school today.”

“Whuhgushsuh?”  I said.


I swallowed my mouthful of burger and said, “What did you say?”

“I played Xbox 360 at school today.”

My wife and I looked at each other.  “When?”

“During music class.”

We are now officially confused.

“What did you play?”

“I played the drum thing and I hit the red drum and Miss Lynn [music teacher] hit the yellow drum when it said to.”

I looked at my wife again.  “No.  Rock Band?”

He says, “There was a guitar too but I didn’t play that.”

Yep.  Rock Band.  “So, what did you do again?”

“I hit the red drum and Miss Lynn hit the yellow drum.  You have to hit the colors when it tells you to on the screen.”

No shit.  My son’s music teacher is using fucking Rock Band for the 360 to teach kids rhythm.

That is fucking AWESOME.  I may pay a second mortgage for that damned school, but I gotta give it to ’em, those people kick ass.

My wife says, “And tomorrow, I get to help my mom draft a letter just like I do every year.”

“What’s your hourly rate on that?  Six quarts of guilt?”

“Yeah, about that.”

“There’s a blog, right there.”

“Hah!  In that case, I should say, ‘If only it fit into quart buckets.'”

Beyond that, I just wanted to say that part of the reason that I’m in such a good mood today is that early this morning I randomly had a strong memory hit me of the first time I met my wife.  Yummy.  So when she woke up I talked with her about it quite a bit and … uh … can’t write more.  By golly, it’s hard to write when my naughty bits are all tingly and stuff.


3 Responses

  1. Dangit, I wish my music teacher had used Rock Band! But, erm, it was, like, 1980-sumthin, so the Xbox hadn’t been invented yet. We were stuck with xylophones and recorders and “Three Blind Mice”. Yeesh.

  2. We did the kazoo ensemble thing. We rocked the hell out, man.

  3. […] 1, MIL 0 Posted by Taoist Biker under Life and other states of existence   As I said on Friday, my son played fucking Rock Band for the Xbox 360 as part of his music class at school on […]

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