Wasn’t that bikini cold? A Valentine’s Day survey

Cruising around looking for new and interesting blogs, I found this survey by Matt over at Licensed to Blog.  All credit to Matt and his wife for this one; I think it’s pretty cool!


1. Describe your favorite romantic/love scene from a movie.

I think I’ll take Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet in the hallway at the end of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”  Knowing now that they’ve had their respective memories of each other erased, Clementine (Kate) details all the ways she knows their relationship will be dragged through the ditch because they are who they are.  Joel (Jim) has a simple reply:  “Okay.”  It’s an emotional moment for each of them, and for me too, because that to me does describe what real love is about – about understanding that hard times are inescapable and your partner will drive you absofuckinglutely batshit, and accepting it nonetheless. 

2. What was your worst Valentine’s Day experience?

Well, it wasn’t ON Valentine’s Day, but for Valentine’s Day I once bought tickets to a show for someone with whom I was having a fairly rocky relationship.  A few days later we went to the show, and I was thinking of it as a date, but later on during the evening she more or less told me that no, while we shared a ride and had seats next to each other, she was there because she wanted to see the show, not because she wanted to be with me, and as such she didn’t consider it a date at all.  Ouch.

3. What is your favorite restaurant for a Valentine’s dinner out?

I miss O’Toole’s in Richmond. 

4. List a hot/romantic line from a song that you like.

How about a line from one of my favorite Sade songs:

“Such a fine time is this,
What could equal the bliss,
The thrill of the first kiss?
It’ll blow right through you.”

5. What is the cheesiest aspect of Valentine’s Day?

Uh, just about any of it.  Except for the hot nookie, of course! 

6. Did you have any elementary school traditions for Valentine’s Day?

Yeah, the typical “Box of 20 [insert-cartoon-character-here] Valentines, PLUS one teacher’s valentine!!”  We made little heart envelopes and put them on our desk and everyone passed them out.  You didn’t make a special valentine for a special someone, but you DID try to pick which one was your favorite and give that one to the special one…

7. What fictional character do you have a crush on and why?


Just kidding.  (Mostly.  Adolescent HOLY SHIT!! moments tend to stay with you for a long time.) 

8. How old were you when you had your first, real kiss? Was it good or bad?

I think I was 13, I don’t exactly remember.  I do remember that we made out so much that day that my lips were swollen afterward. 

9. Describe the most uncomfortable crush someone has had on you.

There was a girl in my high school homeroom who developed a keen and unrequited crush on me.  I hadn’t had a date in ages so maybe I shouldn’t have quibbled, but I just was not remotely attracted to her, and her clinginess didn’t change that.  Of course, a good buddy of mine not only gave her my phone number, but kept her on the phone and egged her on whenever she’d call.  Jackass. 

10. How long did your first heartbreak last?

Probably three years, because it was an on-again off-again LDR with the swollen-lips girl from above. 

11. Do you prefer to give/receive: a) jewelry b) chocolate c) lingerie d) tools

Giving b, receiving c – that is, when she buys lingerie for herself and I reap the benefits, mwuhahahah! 

12. If you are male, do you prefer Mary Ann or Ginger? If you are female, do you prefer McDreamy or McSteamy?

Mary Ann, absolutely.  Me likey the brunettes. 

13. Would you rather be broken up with by: a) phone b) text message c) in person d) email e) carrier pigeon

Carrier pigeon.  Yeah, it might suck, but on the bright side, you’ve definitely got a “You’ll never believe this/Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” story from hell for the rest of your life.  So whenever you and the guys are bullshitting over a few beers, all you have to say is “carrier pigeon.” And they shut right up.    

14. What is your favorite Valentine’s Day candy?

Those caramel-filled blocks – hell, what are they, Brach’s?  I want to say Signatures?  They come in a purple and gold bag, and hot DAMN they’re good.  But Ghirardelli makes some awesome chocolate too.  And then there’s the Reese’s hearts…  Hell, now I’m all hungry.    


7 Responses

  1. Cool blog, man. I actually thought about that Eternal Sunshine scene as well.
    Re #9, you have to love those high school “friends.” I remember being terrified every year when the send a love-gram or whatever the hell it was called happened in high school. My “friends” would send bogus ones supposedly from me to the more homely girls (or even to some guy I didn’t know) in the school. That was a scary week.

  2. Yikes. That’s downright evil, man.

    And thanks yourself for the survey; cool blog you’ve got going over there!

  3. Wow, you took this survey and made it your own.

    Regarding #1, that was a great scene from Eternal Sunshine. I have always considered that a very romantic movie, though not in a typical way.

    Guirardelli. Mmmmmmmm…..

  4. Damn skippy.

    Oh, and I looked at the grocery store last night. They’re not “Brach’s Signatures,” they’re “Nestle Treasures.” So, you know, I was nowhere near close. Except for the color of the bag, I’ve got that shit DOWN, man.

    As for “making it my own,” nah. You and Matt deserve the credit for that. As I’ve often said, I think I do my best work when someone else provides a framework: a call or challenge, a blog to respond to, a survey to fill out, a song to parody, etc. I try to give credit to those who inspire me…so, thanks!

  5. I so shamelessly stole this. My blog’s no longer a survey virgin!

  6. Does that make me the survey-deflowerer of your blog? That’s kinda cool and kinda creepy. 😀

    (Nice job on the survey, btw, especially the video!)

  7. […] this to be a romantic film in an unconventional way.  Inspired by the Taoist Biker’s recent blog post, Matt and I watched this film again last night.  I tend to like movies where comedians take on […]

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