Hey, I’m (not really even kinda) famous!

My site somehow got reviewed over at Blogged.com, and received an 8.4 out of 10! Which ranks me at #74 out of about 4500 of the blogs classified as being about “Religion and Spirituality.” Not that I necessarily think that’s the one category I’d put this blog under, but hey, I’m almost as flattered as when I was semi-randomly flirted with last week! Thanks, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous Editor!


3 Responses

  1. You have to run around in your neighborhood yelling, “I’m #74…I’m #74!” I totally would.

  2. Hey, that is pretty damn sweet! Congrats!

  3. Hey, even cooler: I got a very nice email last night from someone at the web site saying basically that “We understand you don’t completely agree with your categorization; just let us know how to categorize you and we’d be glad to help.”

    I thought that was really quite decent of them. Here’s the reply I sent:

    “Thank you kindly for your reply. I completely agree with how difficult it must be to categorize blogs; I think I’m glad I don’t have that task! In truth, I have no idea how I’d categorize my own blog: it’s part personal, part motorcycle racing, part relationships, part humor, and part Taoism. Part of my Taoist bent is my resolve to talk about whatever’s on my mind and not force the issue too much. So, with that in mind, I’ll just shut up about my categorization! If I ever change my mind, I’ll drop you folks a line, In the meantime, I just want to say thanks for categorizing and reviewing my blog, and for your attention to my response. I think your site is providing a great service, and I’m just happy to be included.”

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