Monday Music

I heard this song this morning and felt so good about it that I had to put it up here.

Bob Seger, “Mainstreet”

I’d heard this song before, but when I was an undergrad and driving a lumber truck during the summers, I heard it come on the shitty AM radio in the truck as I tooled around the county.  I immediately memorized the lead and couldn’t WAIT to get home, strap on my Gibson, and play it.  Well, I waited long enough to take a shower, but before I ate I plugged in.  5 minutes later, I had it down, and I was so proud of myself it was ridiculous.  Then I tried to figure out the chords, and that took me long enough that it took me back down to reality a bit.  Always helpful.

I saw Seger live on the last tour, and wow, the man can still put on a show.  I went mostly because my father-in-law is a MASSIVE fan, and having grown up with it, my wife is as well.  My father-in-law swore that he’d see Seger on tour sometime before either of them died…when we found out they were playing a date here in town, we called up the in-laws and bought four tickets.  (On their card, woohoo!)  It was a fantastic show.  I even tried to call my office number and leave a message when they played this song, but it all ended up a muddy mess.

The only bummer was that they took that beautiful lead guitar line and gave it to the sax.  Man, the sax is great and all, but as a guitar player, man, I was unreasonably let down.


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