The Assignation

Okay, so maybe it was an indirect challenge rather than a direct one, but what the hell, I’ve always been a little competitive when it comes to wordsmithing. An ode to the lovely Vix, in response to her heavily asterisked and lightly serious request.

Bonus cool points, redeemable for … hell, I dunno, make me an offer … to anyone who can name not only the form but the variant. I takes my poetry seriously, dawg.

*Edit:  And more cool points for identifying the title reference.

As an aside, it’s always easier writing poetry when listening to Segovia. Mmm, nice.

The Assignation

Revelling in the warm spring rain falling

Embracing beneath the moon’s soft, warm glow.

A tracing fingertip beckons, calling

Toward secrets which only lovers know.

Entwining limbs through the clear waters go

Dancing through the foam of Neptune’s strong waves

Crashing together, swelling to and fro

As her snowy limbs the green waters lave.

Rev’ling in worship in lust’s holy nave

Hot-blooded courser, his hart run aground.

Now surrendering, succumbing, enslaved,

To the rhythmic keening of passion’s sound.

Wait – no! Imag’ry overload – no fair!

This has never happened before, I swear!


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